Applied Antinatalism: Life’s Biggest Pleasures

So I just got done arguing with a delusional Pollyanna friend of mine who claims life is worth living because of all the good things in life. Sure, that’s fine and good, but when you look at the most pleasurable things in life, you quickly find out they’re all the worst for your health!

Let’s take a look at some of the “best” things in life. Smoking, drinking, high fat/sugar foods, among others. These are probably some of the most universally pleasurable things in this world. I’ve yet to meet the person who will turn down rich, flavorful food (which rich and flavorful usually translates to high calorie/fat/sugar). Likewise, alcohol is the most widely used and abused drug in the world, but damn it tastes so fucking good (and the euphoric feeling from its use is also nice). Although I personally finds cigarettes to be just downright gross, cigars are a totally different animal – they taste and smell great and there’s nothing like chillaxing on a calm evening with a cigar and a glass of Scotch – again, alcohol comes up. Interject in other risky behaviors that adrenaline junkies thrive on and I think the case is pretty well cut and dry.

So what does this all boil down to? Well, given that the most pleasurable things in life are the worst for our health, I think that just makes the case for antinatalism from a practical perspective. If we were really all about survival and living longer, these dangerous activities would bring us pain instead of pleasure. Alas, they simply do not. In fact, living a “healthy” lifestyle is one of the most emotionally painful experiences imaginable!

Given this information, it’s clear that we weren’t meant to live that long, if we were even meant to live at all. Since all the most pleasurable things in life will no doubt kill us eventually, it’s easy to conclude that it is in fact better never to have been born. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be so fucking awesome.

Here We Fucking Go…

Yesterday, my sister started having contractions. We all know what that means. My little mudblood (to borrow some Harry Potter terminology – I really don’t want to use the term I really think when I think of when I think of my sister procreating with a black man) nephew is on the way and will probably be here within the next couple of days.

Yeah, welcome to this shitty place called the world to have to endure this shitty thing called life. I’m sorry your parents had to be so selfish as to bring you into existence. Ultimately, there’s nothing really worth living for and you will find that out soon enough if I have anything to say about it. If I am still alive by the time you are old enough to understand how the world really works, I will tell you all about it so that you do not repeat the same mistake your parents made.

“Therefore, do not reproduce. Do not repeat the same crimes committed against you. Do not give back the same, evil repaid with evil, as imposing life is the ultimate crime. Do not disturb the unborn. Let them be in the peace of nothingness.” – Fernando Vallejo; address to the youth of Colombia.

EDIT: My nephew was delivered via caesarian section at around 10 PM Thursday, April 16th after natural labor just would not go. Bleh.

Stupid Baby Names

It’s bad enough to have children. I’ve discussed that at length here so I won’t go any further into that. What’s even worse is having children and giving them the most stupid fucking names ever.

In this example I’m using my stupid kid sister. Her fiance is black (which is bad enough – I openly admit I’m 100% opposed to interracial relationships/marriages, though I don’t think it should be against the law) and they decided they wanted a black name for their kid. I don’t know what it is about black people but they’re always coming up with the craziest fucking names. What’s wrong with normal names, again?

Anyway, they eventually settled on a Latin name that’s apparently been bastardized by the black community to an incorrect pronunciation. They’ve chosen the name “Kyrie” which, with a little knowledge of Latin (which I have quite a bit having done college choir and such back in the day), will tell you the proper pronunciation is “kih-ree-ay” (and if you don’t believe me, look up the song Kyrie by Mr. Mister). Naturally this is a feminine sounding name and would be perfectly fitting for a female. But oh no, they just had to bastardize it and change it to a male name with a totally wrong pronunciation – “kie-ree.” Apparently there’s a pro basketball player with the same spelling and pronunciation even though it’s totally wrong.

After having proved my point my sister was pissed off but hey, that’s how it goes. Which brings me to my point: why use ridiculous names when they will only cause grief later on? People will no doubt constantly mispronounce their names leading to an immense amount of frustration. Stick to names everyone knows and save them a lot of grief later.

Well, whatever. Rant over.

The Morality of Suicide

It seems that most monotheistic religions (and interestingly enough, even most atheists I’ve met) deem suicide as an evil action. Alas, any claim deeming suicide immoral is defective.

Monotheistic religions claim that it’s an offense to god as we are the god’s creation and therefore have no right to destroy ourselves as it would be destroying god’s creation. Well, that’s OK if you’re working under the assumption that a god even exists and have sufficient evidence that god exists, but it’s still not immoral to remove something which is a harm to someone. As (1) our lives are a harm to us and (2) it would have been better never to have existed, it thus follows that if god created creation he did an evil action. Therefore god, if god exists, is evil. As such, no entity that is inherently evil has any right dictating anything about general morality.

In terms of the “new” atheism, they have all sorts of unfounded claims. They reject god or a driving uniting force but somehow make up some bullshit claim that there’s a purpose for our existence and that we should not terminate our lives because of it. Truth be told they have no more evidence for their claims of a transcendental purpose than theists have for the existence of god. As such, this claim can be dismissed as nonsense right along with the god theory.

Both atheists and theists argue that committing suicide is selfish because of the devastation left behind. I would counter this argument by saying the devastation over someone’s death is the selfishness of the grieving and is entirely their problem. They grieve because they wanted said deceased person (who died of suicide or other means, it matters not) to remain alive to please them. Let’s be honest, we never grieve a person actually dying. We grieve because they will no longer be there for us.

Lastly, psychologists will claim that suicide is a result of mental illness. Well, even if it was that’s not even relevant, but the real disturbing thing about this is what the general consensus is about mental illness, namely that we should forfeit our bodily autonomy upon being diagnosed with one of the plethora of mental illnesses people have made up out of thin air without any evidence backing them up whatsoever. That’s a slippery slope I don’t think anyone wants to go down, because what’s next? Left handers losing their bodily autonomy? I don’t even want to think about the potential implications.

Now that we’ve effectively destroyed every anti-suicide argument, we see that suicide is not an immoral action. This is not to claim that suicide is moral. Such action has a morally neutral value (i.e. it is neither moral nor immoral to commit suicide). However, suicide must be recognized as a right. As none of us were given any choice in whether or not to come into this world (rather, we were all selfishly forced into it by our parents), we should at least have the free choice to leave if we deem it the appropriate course of action for ourselves.

Which brings me to the closing point: if we want to talk about true immorality and selfishness, let’s talk about the breeder scumbags that force new people into existence and the ones who try to force people to remain alive against their wills. That’s true selfishness and immorality. Nobody has a kid for their kid’s benefit; they have them for their own. Likewise, nobody keeps someone alive against his/her will for that person’s benefit. They do so because they don’t want to have to say goodbye. It’s a fucked up world we live in, for sure.

An Efilist’s Wet Dream

“I feel good, a special kind of horny; flowers and trees depress and frankly bore me.” – Tim Curry, Toxic Love.

One of my favorite movies as a kid was FernGully: The Last Rainforest. It was a 1992 Australian animated flick that was a box office and ratings flop. It had a very strong environmentalist theme and was almost political in nature (though the target audience was too young to understand politics). I’m sure many of you children of the late 80s/early90s remember it. If you don’t remember it, you can read up about it on Wikipedia here.

Well, about three years ago I was inspired to write a fanfiction based on the characters of FernGully. I wrote a rough (read: extremely rough, riddled with poor wording, redundancies and grammatical/punctuation errors) draft and forgot about it. Of course, being an antinatalist/efilist, it had a very strong theme in that regard; sort of an antithesis of the original story line.

Well, not too long ago I was cleaning up the hard drive on one of my old PCs and came across it and so I decided to clean it up. After an all-day affair I managed to polish it up into a rather good short story. Though this isn’t my standard affair on this blog, I’ve decided to share it with you all here as it truly is an efilist’s wet dream (albeit written with a slight Pollyanna tone to soften some of the language). I hope you enjoy it as a momentary escape from the horrible “real world.”


It’s been one million years since Magi Crysta, along with the help of her fairy counterparts and the human being known as Zak, had once again imprisoned Hexxus in the baobab tree that now sits in the center of FernGully. Human beings have been extinct for nearly 500,000 years now, and FernGully has re-grown into the lush, green forest it was long before Hexxus was first released from the center of the earth – full of tall trees, rushing water, and colorful flowers decorating the ground in a thick, multi-colored carpet. Crysta is now married to her long-time boyfriend Pips and they have 100 fairy children together, in addition to countless grandchildren. Life couldn’t be better for the residents of FernGully.

Then, one day, a massive thunderstorm passed over FernGully. It was by far the worst thunderstorm in the history of the forest. It was bursting with rain, pouring down in excess of two inches per hour. Accompanying the rain were wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes almost one right after another. After summoning the fairy inhabitants of the forest, Magi Crysta gently reminded everyone that rain makes things grow and that they have nothing to worry about. She reassured them all that the storm will pass and all will be normal again in the matter of a couple of days.

Sadly, Magi Crysta couldn’t have been more wrong. As the massive thunder cloud approached the center of the forest, a lightning bolt emerged from the cloud and struck the very tree Hexxus had been trapped in one million years ago. The violent lightning strike split the tree right down the center of the trunk. Though he lie there unaware of what had just happened, seconds later a second lightning bolt struck the tree and it was then that Hexxus awoke. He emerged from deep within the base of the tree, taking the form of a big, black cloud full of acid rain and electricity. Determined not to fail a third time in his conquest to completely destroy FernGully, Hexxus set off to find Magi Crysta and her followers to exact his revenge on the fairies that had imprisoned him all those years ago.

Meanwhile, the fairies and creatures of the forest had taken shelter in a nearby cave to ride out the storm. They were completely unaware of what had just happened, but all of a sudden they heard a loud male voice laughing in the distance, followed by repeated thunderclaps and the sounds of trees being shattered one right after the other. It took Magi Crysta a moment to remember the voice, but she eventually recognized it as Hexxus’. She promptly sprung into action and emerged from the cave, making eye contact with Hexxus as he passed directly over it.

“You just thought you were rid of me,” Hexxus taunted as Crysta emerged from the cave. “I’m back and better than ever! Nobody is going to stop me now!”

Grossly overpowered, Crysta retreated to the cave to tell the fairies what had happened and summon reinforcements. Reminding them of the events of one million years ago that led to the release and re-imprisonment of Hexxus, the fairies set out to once again contain the beast hellbent on destroying their homeland.

In an attempt to be devoured by Hexxus in order to trap him from the inside out once again, Crysta picked a seed from a nearby gourd and flew right up to Hexxus’ mouth. However, Hexxus had learned his lesson the last time and refused to open his mouth as Crysta approached his lips. Instead, he slapped her to the ground with such force that a 3 inch crater was carved into the earth below. As the fairies emerged from the cave to tend to their beloved Magi, Hexxus made quick work of them, offing each one of them with a sharp lightning strike that set the ground and the neighboring trees ablaze.

Magi Crysta was now the only fairy left standing. At her ripe old age, she was unfortunately much too weak to take on the mighty Hexxus by herself. In one final, desperate attempt to trap Hexxus, she planted the seed in the ground and attempted to grow it. The geriatric, frail Magi tried her damnedest, but the puny little shrub that emerged was quickly devoured by the flames. It wasn’t even a millisecond later that Crysta was engulfed by the blaze. Though she made a valiant effort to escape, her fragile, tired wings couldn’t lift her into flight and she perished in the fire just as all of her loyal subjects had done so moments earlier. Hexxus was now completely unopposed in his conquest.

As the storm died out, Hexxus sought refuge in the flames and fed off of them, becoming a massive cloud of smoke and fire. He made quick work of the forest and Mount Warning. In just hours he had completely and totally wrecked the entire continent of Australia.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for Hexxus and his insatiable appetite for death and destruction. Changing forms as he fed on the necessary toxins to destroy whatever habitat he had arrived in, Hexxus slowly migrated around the earth, destroying absolutely everything in his path – both land and sea. After a 10 million year conquest, Hexxus had managed to turn the once lush, green planet earth into a desolate wasteland with a shocking resemblance to planet Mars.

Alas, that would prove to be his eventual undoing. In completely wrecking the planet, Hexxus had fallen victim to the very thing that had driven the human race to extinction half a million years ago. Completely unaware of just how limited his resources were, he used them up and gave absolutely no consideration to conserving them for future use. Instead, he burned them up at an unsustainable rate to fuel his thirst for power. As he now had absolutely no poison to feed off of, Hexxus slowly diminished into nothingness, vanishing from existence altogether. Hexxus was officially no more and could no longer threaten any other world anywhere in the universe.


As a little bonus material, here’s the song the opening line of this blog comes from. It’s sure to get everyone horny. I know it does me. It kills me they were even able to get away with a G rating with this song in the movie. It was edited a bit for the movie, but still.

One Year Closer to Death…

As I add another unit to this thing called my age, I can’t help but be disgruntled that I even have a birthday. Birthdays are not celebratory. As it would have been better never to have existed, it follows that birthdays are for lamenting. It’s such a backwards, delusional Pollyanna world we live in. We celebrate birth and mourn death. It should be the other way around, for birth is the start of a sentient being’s suffering and death is the end of that being’s suffering.

That’s pretty much the only good thing about birthdays. It marks one year closer to death, and death can’t come soon enough.

Atheist Breeders are the Worst Kind of Breeders

When it comes to breeders, I somewhat understand why so many religious folk hold the defective defense that it’s morally acceptable: their vile, despicable gods command them to do it. When it comes to atheists, however, they have no sort of adequate defense whatsoever.

I still just really don’t understand how atheists (and that includes atheistic religions such as Buddhism) can justify reproduction. I’ve heard a number of defenses for it, all of which I find defective. Here are some common ones and my responses to them:

“It’s a natural desire.”
Response: So if I have a natural desire to kill people that makes it acceptable?

“With religious families having so many kids, somebody’s got to have atheist kids.”
Response: That’s rather narcissistic.

“With so many stupid people having kids, somebody’s got to have smart kids.”
Response: Sorry, but just because you’re smarter than average doesn’t mean your kid will be. Also, see above.

“Even atheists have to experience the love of a child.”
Response: So that’s a justification for imposing existence and the harms thereof on an individual who did not give his or her consent to being brought into the world? Just goes to show that having children is at least as, and probably a far more selfish choice than choosing not to have them.

“We’ll go extinct if someone doesn’t have children.”
Response: You can’t give any sort of justification for why that is an inherently bad thing. I know it might be an uncomfortable thought to you Pollyanna types, but we will go extinct one of these days, and long before the world as we know it comes to an end.

There are some others, but that’s the most common of the ones I hear. Concerning Buddhism and similar religions who believe in the ridiculous notion of reincarnation, I would argue that the only way to break the cycle (which is the end goal of Buddhism) is to stop having children and making souls be reborn. If we do that, such would effectively end the cycle of Samsara (rebirth) and force the final and end-goal state of Moksha (escape from Samsara).

Three Months Left…

…before one of the worst events of my life is going to take place.

My sister is now starting her third trimester of pregnancy. Barring the fact that subjecting new, non-consenting individuals to the horrible thing that is an earthly existence can only be described as the supreme act of evil,  she’s way too young and immature for a child. She’s probably the most irresponsible person I know. Further, she can’t afford a damn kid and is instead going to be a government mooch when the child is born. Typical entitled liberal welfare mongers, that all she and her fiancé are, and they don’t really care to better themselves (both are college dropouts with no ambitions of any sort of decent career).

Anyway, if she knew what was good for her she would have terminated the pregnancy and if she just insists on having a kid later training for a decent paying career. Alas, she let her delusional Pollyanna emotions get the better of her and she has absolutely no idea what she’s getting herself into.

Alas, I’ve already established strict boundaries. I will not in any way help her care for her kid. I will not go over to her place when the kid isn’t in school or daycare, ever. Her kid is not allowed in my house, ever. I don’t mind dogsitting for her, but babysitting is out of the question. I will not be present at the baby shower (not that men ever go to those things), I will not get her any sort of a gift, nor will I visit her in the hospital after giving birth.

Perhaps this will cause her to completely write me out of her life. That’s perfectly OK with me. The past few months have been difficult on our relationship anyway (after I suggested she have an abortion and suggested she read Benatar, neither of which she gave any thought and told me I needed psychiatric help).

People say depression is an illness. I disagree. Depression is a sign of a highly-developed and rational mind which sees the world for what it really is: a horrible place full of conflict, war, disease and famine. If anything should be classified as a mental illness, it’s optimism. Optimism is irrational. Optimism is delusion. Pessimism is realism.

Fucking Disgusting Kmart/Joe Boxer Ad

Yeah, I’m still alive unfortunately. Hopefully not too much longer.

Alas, I just had to do a blog about this fucking disgusting ad by Kmart/Joe Boxer. It features five late-stage pregnant women dancing to the song “Santa Baby.” If you haven’t seen it, here you go. Prepare to gouge your eyes out.

Nothing makes me madder than the media glorifying the act of forcing new,  non-consenting individuals to the unfortunate state of existence. It’s fucking morally repulsive. That’s five new people who will be forced into existence against their wills to experience all the horror, pain, suffering, and all that other bullshit that  make existence so bad.

Pregnancy should not be glamorized. It should be shunned, and the men who get these women pregnant should fucking have their testicles cut off without anesthesia. They’re just as guilty as the women who carry and give birth to these new individuals.

Now, publicly airing abortions on live TV, and/or showing women who were glad they had abortions (I know several myself)? That would be something I could get behind. Abortion is a moral and just choice, especially when compared to bringing a new individual into existence.

Anyway, I digress. Shame on Kmart and Joe Boxer for this disgusting commercial. Nothing like feeding and glorifying breeder culture.

Required Reading

The following books should be required reading in all schools all around the world:

*Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence (David Benatar)
*Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror (Thomas Ligotti)
*The Trouble with Being Born (Emil Cioran)
*Confessions of an Antinatalist (Jim Crawford)

This is a short list, but I believe if, after reading all of these books, you’re still a pronatalist and/or a Pollyanna, you’re a fucking idiot. That’s all there is to it.


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