Kids These Days Don’t Know Respect

I promise to keep these rants to a minimum, but I just have to vent about this. I swear kids these days have no concept of the word “respect,” and I would be willing to bet money on the fact that it’s because their parents aren’t doing a damn thing to teach it to them, either.

You know, when I made fun of people or disrespected people in the presence of my parents, I got a sharp slap in the face and reprimanded accordingly. I don’t see modern day parents doing that kind of thing. In fact, they think it’s FUNNY! Just like they think it’s funny and cute when their 4-year-old is using words that only adults have any business using in very specific circumstances, and they’re using them freely in any situation!

I myself have been the target of much of this disrespect, mostly over my fashion choices. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m very proud of my shapely, muscular runner’s legs. Though they might have gone out of style in the early 90s, I still enjoy wearing really short shorts and flaunting what I’ve got. It makes me feel hot (not to mention it keeps me cool during hot summers). The modern generation of teenagers (and I’m sure the ones coming up behind them) mock me relentlessly, call me names, among other things. The older generation? They don’t even bat an eye or say a word. I’m not saying everyone likes my style (and I’m sure most people probably don’t), but they at least respect me enough as a person to not say anything!

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and teach these young punks respect. I had a guy last week call me the Spanish equivalent of “faggot” to which I replied to him with a good dousing of police-grade pepper spray. He won’t soon forget that lesson in respect. If breeders aren’t going to teach their offspring respect, I’m going to do it for them, and they aren’t going to like it but they can just fuck off. I won’t stand to be disrespected like that.

I’m not against having children. I’m against shitty parenting that produces shitty offspring and continues the cycle of shittiness. THAT’S what I’m against. Teach your kids some damn respect. Thank you.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. I’ve noticed this trend, too. When I was a kid, I didn’t dare go up to a perfect stranger and begin to disrespect them that way. I knew better. Today’s parents think it’s funny when their little snowflakes giggle openly at someone, make a joke at another person’s expense, use a curse word, or flip someone off. Because, kids these days, they just say the darnedest things. This obviously reinforces the behavior that even though some people don’t like it, it’s still okay and acceptable. That’s why bullying has spiked and gotten worse among the kids, that’s why so many older teens and young adults turn out to be thugs, and that’s why we’re going to have a bunch of shitty adults that are too narcissistic to care about anyone or anything but themselves and won’t give a shit about the consequences.

    With parents of young kids who think this is cute, you can nip it in the bud at least with yourself by giving the parents a pointed glare. But, with the older kids, the teens, and the young adults? That’s pretty much a lost cause. I think you did the right thing with the pepper spray. What he was doing was harassing. And you have the right to protect yourself. You have no idea what a guy who is ballsy enough to come up to a perfect stranger and harass them verbally might do next.

  2. Sledging someone because of some superficial factor is just stupid. Those brats are probably just jealous that you’re fitter and in better shape. Keep wearing what you want, because fuck people who try to put you down.

    I’ve become visible in the last couple of years as far as clothing goes (I wear Steampunk/neo-Victorian, some goth and rockabilly gear, and I’ve usually got a corset on). I feel regal and gorgeous in those clothes, and I don’t care what people think of the way I look, because I think I look good. To my surprise, the reactions I get are positive. Nobody’s ever told me I look like a fruit loop, but that might be because I’m 5’11” without heels and look like I could do some damage. 😛

    • Well, so you feel my pain then (though for different reasons). Yeah, I have hot runner’s legs and I know it (part of it is natural build, part of it is that I run close to 60 miles per week). The longest pair of shorts I own has a 3″ inseam, most of them a 2.5″ inseam and my actual running shorts are even shorter with a 1.75″ inseam. I regard my legs as by far my best physical feature, why shouldn’t I flaunt what I got?

      Like I said, short shorts were what guys wore back in the day. I may only be 24 but I know that. The older crowd doesn’t really give me any problem, and I’ve had more than one lady complement me on the shapliness of my legs (keeps the confidence up amongst all the ridicule). It’s the younger crowd (and particularly young males) that give me guff and are disrespectful little punks. That’s why I decided to start putting them in their place.

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