Breeder BS Part 1

I was recently confronted by a Bible-thumping Christian breeder on another blog site I blog at (more of a personal-type blog), and a blogger by the name of “camsmom” had this to say about me:

“you really are a sad human being ! never in my life have i ever heard someone say the most rediculous things that you say .. you seem like a pretty smart person but you’re so miserable i really feel bad for you … birth is a miracle .. children are blessings from GOD whether or not you agree who cares .. youre a nobody just a miserable soul waiting for his turn to die. i really feel sorry for you .. im sorry that you dont know GOD who does exist ! ill definitely pray for you because you clearly need it … better yet you need prayer and a straight jacket because you’re clearly insane”

Aww, how precious, right? I couldn’t help but laugh my head off as I read this very angry, incoherent rant. Quite frankly if this speaks to the intelligence level that most of today’s breeders are at, it’s no wonder I support mandated intelligence testing and breeding licensing! Improper and excessive use of ellipses, terrible grammar, capitalization, spelling and punctuation all add up to a very uneducated individual!

You feel sorry for me, do you lady? Yeah, you really should. While you’re attending to your snotty nosed brat, I’m out bowling three nights per week, dancing the Lindy Hop every week, devoting more time to my career, and actually using my sick pay for me. That’s not including the fact that I’m keeping more of my hard-earned income than you are, and can actually afford to buy nice things for myself. I don’t have to stay awake in the middle of the night to feed my little one or change a shit-filled diaper. Quite frankly I’m the one who feels sorry for you!

I don’t know what me being an atheist has to do with anything either. Did I anger you when I said that pregnancy and birth were far from miraculous or divine? Sorry, but religion aside, they’re both natural biological processes that are far from miracles. Sperm meets egg, the zygote divides, and 9 months later you push that thing out. That’s simple biology at work. There’s absolutely nothing miraculous about it! Didn’t you ever take high school biology? I’m assuming you didn’t with your obvious lack of education (which is apparent in your writing skills) because you’d know this if you did.

Oh yes, breeder woman, I’m so incredibly insane. Are all people who don’t want kids insane according to you? Must be with the way you’re talking! Though I think the ability to form coherent sentences and think logically about how my life would change in a negative way if I had kids hardly qualifies me as insane. If anyone is insane it’s you.

So I responded to her basically pointing out that she was totally wrong, and she had this to say in return:

“lmao first and foremost i could careless what you think about me. im not the immature miserable moron walking around spreading my negativity .. my son is my life and the fact that you’ll never be able to experience that is quite sad. and if my sentence structure bothers you that bad BITE ME ! i mean really and if your life is so carefree and wonderful why are you on a christian website running your mouth? shouldn’t you be out “bowling” please you’re a moron and im sorry your life is so miserable. the fact that you get off downing people really shows your own personal insecurities awwww whats wrong hun mommy didnt hug you enough?? lol you need to be evaluated by a licensed professional .. i only hear about people like you ..low lives that have nothing better to do than spread non sense .. it’s been a pleasure meeting you  .. now i can cross ” meeting a evil douche bag on the net” off of my bucket list ! enjoy your misery mr.lonely”

Yeah, if your son is your life you really need to get a life! Sounds to me like you don’t have a life at all! Waking up in the middle of the night to feed your kid, change his shit-filled diaper, among other parental duties? Yeah, sounds like the parent life is a great one! (end sarcasm.)

She completely ignored me when I told her my life was not miserable. As I said, I have my dream job, hobbies I enjoy, among other things. I most certainly am NOT miserable. I’d say I have a better life than her, actually. There’s a reason that it’s been statistically shown that the childfree are happier than the breeder brigade, after all. Hmm, I wonder why? Could it be because I don’t have little snotty nosed brats running around and trashing my house?

I also love how she just had to insult my mother and blame her on my not wanting children. If only she knew what a great mom my mother was to me. I regard her as one of the most influential and important people in my life. My mother is also one of the biggest supporters of my childfree decision. She fully respects the fact that it’s my life and she doesn’t really care about having grandchildren all that much. She just wants me to be happy, and for that reason I love her.

Finally, the post I commented on initially wasn’t necessarily Christian in nature. It might have been posted within the context of a Christian forum, but it was not Christian per se. I felt I had room to interject an opinion there.

Five minutes later she added this little statement, and it was probably the most hilariously stupid remark I’ve ever heard in my life:

” and if going bowling is what made you not want kids .. then you’re more pathetic than i thought”

Ha! I swear I laughed for a good 20 minutes straight after I read that statement. I didn’t take up bowling until long after I made the decision to not have kids (in fact, I only took it up as a hobby a couple of months ag0). Well, whatever you want to think woman.

So I told her off again, and she takes another shot at me:

“not insulting your mother im insulting you i think you’re an idiot who needs some serious help i find it funny that you defend your mother but yet you call other people names who bare children so if im a breeder than what does that make mommy dearest? lol i see i hit a nerve … my life is very fulfilled .. i dont give 2 shits what statistics say im very much content with my life. i work full time i go to shcool fulltime and i raise my son .. oh and surprise surprise i have a social life that doesnt involve bowling lol… and you’re absolutely right your personality sucks ! im so happy you realize it and accept it .. have a goodnight next time be more careful on who you choose to attack”

Yeah, it’s very clear to me that you don’t live a fulfilling life, because if you did you wouldn’t be needing to defend your lifestyle to a childfree person on a thread that was already almost a month old by the time you replied to me! Yeah, I know better than that. You’re just another regretful breeder that wishes you would have thought twice about having a kid. I see right through your smokescreen.

It’s also very clear this person doesn’t understand the distinction we in the childfree community make between parents and breeders. My mother was/is a parent, and a damn good one at that. This woman is very clearly a breeder who apparently also has shit for brains.

I have trouble taking her claim that she goes to school full-time seriously. If she did go to school full-time she’d be able to use proper sentence structure. She’d also be able to capitalize, punctuate, and spell correctly. If she turned in a term paper written in the style of her comments she’d get laughed out of the classroom by the teacher. I don’t know why she thinks such talk is acceptable here.

I also find it hilarious that she says I should be careful who I attack. I don’t think I was the one attacking her here. She decided to come up out of the blue and lay into me! I think she’s the one who attacked me. Oh the irony of it all! Oh, and apparently my social life sucks because I like to go bowling. How lovely!

Well, this is already getting a bit lengthy, so I’m going to stop this here. We’ll post the conclusion of this lovely dialog in the next post, because it just gets better and better!


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  1. I agree with you. This vile woman is not fulfilled in her life at all. If so, why did she feel the need to attack you out of nowhere on a dead thread that was at least a month old, in the middle of the night, using vulgar and crude language to insult you and your mother, call you all kinds of nasty names, make wild assertions about your life, your personality, and your level of happiness? And she also doesn’t seem very Christian. Christians are supposed to imitate Christ, it says so in Ephesians 5, and I really don’t think that what she’s doing makes it look even the littlest bit as though she’s making even the smallest effort to imitate Jesus.

    And as for being miserable, apparently if you don’t follow the mainstream societal ideals for life, then you are a miserable person. You’re not Christian? Then you’re miserable, doesn’t matter what you are other than that. You don’t want kids? You’re miserable, and you’re a selfish baby-hating person who had bad parenting as a child or were molested. In fact, that’s probably true if you’re an atheist, too. You’re both, so obviously that makes you doubly miserable. It’s all nonsense, but they feel that it will get under your skin and it makes them feel better so they say it.

    I also have trouble believing she goes to school full-time. And aside from that, if she goes to school full time and works full time, how does she have any time left over to parent her kid whom she says is her life? Yeah, if this is the sort of behavior she displays for her son to imitate, then I think someone should call CPS. And certainly since she obviously has no time to parent him anyway, it seems.

    This woman is filled with hate, malice, resentment, and a spiteful mentality. There is obviously something wrong in her life and she’s taking it out on you.

    As far as pregnancy and birth being miraculous…yeah they’re not. I mean, it’s kind of cool that all mammals can reproduce that way, the process itself is kinda cool, but it’s not miraculous. Your body is performing a basic biological function. And while the baby is inside of the woman’s body, it’s basically parasitic. It’s not hurting her (well except in some emergency cases) but it’s not giving anything back either and just getting all of it’s nutrients from her. I know that most people don’t like hearing that, but it’s true. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it magically untrue. I could have compared it to some even less flattering biological functions (like the bodily expulsion of waste).

  2. Meh. I have kids. I don’t give a flying flip what anyone else does with their lives, kids or no kids. (I do have a bit of a peeve with the word ‘breeder’ though…because I don’t view myself as one…Since I dont live breathe and eat my kids lives every second of every day) Yeah I had kids, it’s not a choice for everyone. Everyone has a right to their own path in life. Me, I chose to procreate. It aint that bad when they get older anyway. Sure do I wish for a child free life some times, oh you bet. How would I love just to settle in after work and play WoW till the early hours on weekends. (Wait I already do that. I did this thing called teach my kids enough independence to make their own breakfasts in the mornings)

    ANYWAY as an airline pilot, I see exactly why you’re totally against kids. You have to deal with the screaming “snowflakes” all day every day because parents refuse to do this thing called…PARENT their kids on airplanes. It’s almost like “Yeah he’s gonna scream so I’m gonna let them” Instead of learning how to depressurize their ears via (sorry bout this) nursing their babies, or…pacifier, or *gasp* Letting them have a candy to suck on to equalize the pressure!

    Anyway dude, your life is your life, my life is my life….and if you’re ever my pilot you won’t know my kids are even on your plane except via the passenger roster. I know how to keep them quiet. (via videogames or threat of something very unpleasant when they land, ever see that Russel Peter’s sketch? “Sumbuddygonnagethurtreeeelbad” go look it up on Youtube it’s hillarious)

    Oh yeah and pregnancy and birth are NOT miraculous, I hated every minute of my two. Call me a “replacer” because I had two kids, one boy one girl, enough to replace my husband and I when we are dead. Love my kids to bits, but they aren’t my life…I even tried to tell a potential employer that but he didn’t get it. *sigh* Why are parents with a non-breeder mentality so rare?

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