Breeder BS Part 2

For Part 1 of this two-part blog entry, go here:

We pick up the little exchange I was talking about in the previous blog here. There was just too much for one blog entry.

“lmao oh im sorry didnt realize i was writing a essay for my professor.. if im a breeder than your mother is a breeder she spread her disgusting legs just like everybody else ! but then again who am i ? right … please im sorry that my life isnt revolved around bowling .. im sorry that you think you’re my english professor .. im sorry you suck at life .. im mean i could go on and on but then again why should i ? you’re just another sad soul walking the earth .. im not intolerate of other people .. im intolerate of rude people going around saying what they please and thinking no one should say anything. how about this mr.webster kiss my breeder ass and get a life =*”

Yeah, I suck at life because I busted my ass and landed my dream job, I have a great social life, and I actually made somebody out of myself? How cute. If anyone sucks at life it’s this bitch. She’s already admitted that her kid is her life. Yeah, some life that must be if you have to have a kid to have any sort of fulfillment in your life.

She calls me intolerant yet she’s the one that attacked me out of the blue? Yeah, she sure is tolerant of the childfree, I can tell by the tone of her comments. If that’s tolerant then I don’t know what her definition of intolerance is!

I might not be her English professor, but it’s really hard to take someone seriously when they can’t even form coherent sentences or use proper grammar, is it not? I mean seriously, give me a break!

So just about then I struck up an IM conversation with my friend Traci (a frequent commenter here) and linked her to the conversation, which had her in stitches. Of course, she just wanted to jump into the conversation too, so she posted this comment, which I couldn’t agree with more:

“You aren’t imitating Christ very well in your correspondence here. Someone doesn’t agree with you, so your response is to call them all sorts of nasty names, make all kinds of assumptions about their life and level of happiness, and insult their mother. And what is your weird fixation on bowling? He mentions it once and so you decide it means his major reason for not having kids was because he likes to bowl? That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever read in any Xanga comment, ever. And that’s saying something. I don’t know which denomination you are a part of, but how would you feel if the leader or one of the leaders at your place of worship saw your foul-mouthed, nasty-spirited replies? Or your son? Is this the behavior you set forth for him to imitate? I hope not. And if it is, I hope someone calls CPS.”

Finally, someone besides me speaks some sense on this thread! My friend was spot on with this comment. Not only is this stupid woman apparently making all sorts of random, unwarranted attacks, she isn’t living up to what her religion teaches. She got called out on her hypocrisy and it was about time someone did so. Too bad I don’t know her whereabouts or I’d call CPS on her myself.

Well, so then brainless breeder woman decides she wanted a piece of my friend and responded to her with this:

“lmao really where did you come from ..please i wont even respond to you you’re just as annoying as he is .. and i never claimed to be perfect im sure you have fallen short of the glory as well cps ?? really …. im sorry you’re miss perfect now quit talking to me before you get called a nasty name”

Well, that’s mature. After I explained it to her, she replied to me with this:

“awww you had to bring in your miserable friends because you couldnt handle it .. please both of you guys can kiss my ass .. now you can forward her that =) goodnight”

More baseless assumptions for the win (or the loss, whatever you prefer to think of it as). Assuming that we’re both miserable? Well isn’t that lovely? What an idiot, right?

That was about the last of the interesting bits of the exchange right there, though. From there it devolved into repeating more of the same stuff and into more of a religious argument than anything, in which she denied claiming to be a Christian (I have the evidence that she most certainly did) and telling me how childish I am (calling me a preschooler) because I said I loved my job more than I would love hers. It was at this point I got really bored with her stupidity and decided it was time to stop feeding the troll (not to mention I had to report for a regularly scheduled flight basically right after I was done with her). It was amusing for awhile though, I have to admit.

My friend (who is also an atheist, I should mention), however, continued to dialog with her and point out how un-Christlike she was being in her dialog with us. This just roused her anger even more, until breeder woman said she “had a term paper to finish” and bid her goodnight. Likely excuse which I don’t buy for a second. I think she was just embarrassed that she got her ass handed to her on a silver platter and was looking for an excuse to slink off in shame.

Man, what is this world coming to? I fear for the future of the human species. We’re getting dumber with each generation, I swear! People wonder why I support breeding licenses, and this is why right here. This woman probably isn’t even smart enough to put gas in her car (either that or she was too busy huffing the fumes as she was doing so). Perhaps the makers of the movie Idiocracy were on to something after all.

At any rate, I hope you got a kick out of this whole ordeal. Feel free to share your experiences in heated exchanges with mindless breeders in the comments. I’m really interested in hearing about them!


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  1. Yes, that woman was nuts! But, she was hilarious. It was a fun conversation while it lasted. I can debate on many subjects, but since she was on a Christian area of the website and claimed to be a Christian (and then proceeded to imply she wasn’t after I called her on it, only to confirm that she was…), I figured I’d pout out that she was not being very Christlike. I could tell I was a real buzz kill for her, too. That was fun! :p

    You were handling the childfree issues really well and the life issues really well, so I thought I’d take it from another angle (this woman’s supposed Christianity). She was just trolling. But, this behavior is given to atheists and the childfree all the time. Those things she said? That might be her ignorant way of trolling, but we’re told those very same things all the time by people who believe it and should know better.

    But, as for this woman…damn she was hilarious. :p I mean, seriously! Stupidity is usually annoying, but in this case it was pretty hilarious! I couldn’t help myself, I was grinning and laughing the whole time. She just kept coming back with smug remarks that were the most asinine shit ever, said in the most ridiculous ways (and you’re right that grammar and spelling was terrible). I half wonder if this woman might not have actually been a 12-year-old in disguise.

    Like I said before, this woman was just bored and looking to troll because she’s lying…she’s not at all fulfilled in her life and she doesn’t want to admit it. If she really was as fulfilled as she insisted that she was, she wouldn’t have needed to attack you on a Christian board, in the middle of the night, on an article that was nearly a month old, where the comment thread had died already, and proceed to act like an obnoxious 12-year-old up past her bed-time who habitually slept through English class.

  2. Hahaha if you ever deal with more of these people PLEASE post the responses!!

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