Fare Thee Well, Chris…

Today, I’m deviating from my normal topics regarding childfreedom to pay my respects to a man, who in my opinion, was one of the greatest thinkers of our time: Christopher Eric Hitchens.

62. What a young age to die. Too young, in fact.

Christopher Hitchens was, in my eyes, a man of honor. Unwavering in the backlash from the majority, standing true to his convictions until his last breath. If anything, maybe this will shut the whole “no atheists in foxholes” argument up. He’d been in a foxhole for the past few years, and he never once wavered in his lack of belief. This just goes to show that yes, there are in fact atheists in foxholes, and yes, people do in fact die atheist.

Hitchens was, without a doubt, one of the most intellectual men of our time. A profound, deep, outside-of-the-box thinker and visionary. He challenged those he encountered to think critically and challenged ridiculous notions that hold society back. In a way, I wish I were more like him in that regard.

Cancer sucks, and pneumonia is a terrible way to go. Truth be told I’m surprised he held on this long. He was his own fiery self right up to the end though, never backing down. I guess atheists can in fact have hope in the face of adversity, after all (in your face, Christian apologists!).

In a way, I’m relieved that he’s no longer suffering. May he live on in this world, and may we carry on his noble work of pushing for more secular governing bodies and a purely secular society. Rest assured Hitch, you did not die in vain.


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Posted on December 16, 2011, in Religion. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. This is a very true and sincere, moving tribute and farewell post to Hitch. I was very upset when I learned of his death and I’m still upset. I knew it was coming, we all did. He was stage 4, after all. But, that doesn’t mean it stops being sad just because it was expected.

    I’m glad he’s not suffering anymore, too, and I’m sure that he will live on in this world with video of his amazing debates and speeches, his journalistic writings, his books, and in the minds of everyone whose lives he touched and made a little bit easier just by saying, so loudly and so proudly, “you are not alone.”

  2. I’m a fan of Hitchens’ work as well, but I was really disgusted to find out what a misogynist he was. 😦

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