No, I Don’t Feel That Continuing The Species Is Important

One thing that a lot of parents confront me (and apparently a lot of other childfree folk) about is the need to “continue the species.” Their argument is that if more people thought the way we do, the human race would go extinct. It’s just another thing they use to try to guilt-trip us into having children.

Well, if I were to be completely and totally honest, no, I don’t really care about continuing the species and I don’t understand why it’s so damn important. The earth was around billions of years before humans were ever part of it, and will be here long after the human race goes extinct, and it will happen eventually. That’s just the natural progression of life on earth. Species evolve, they thrive for a time period, and then they go extinct. It’s not an inherently bad or sad thing. It’s just what happens.

That said, if we were to be totally realistic, the human race is in no danger of going extinct due to lack of breeding. Childed couples still dramatically outnumber both childless and childfree couples, and there are enough accidental pregnancies alone to sustain the number of births necessary to reproduce at the replacement level (and keep the world population growing at a rapid rate). When the human race goes extinct, it will most assuredly be due to reasons other than a lack of reproduction. Either some natural disaster is going to come along and wipe us out or we’re going to wipe ourselves off the face of the earth because of our own blatant stupidity. That right there is reality.

However, even if the human race were to go extinct due to a lack of breeding, why is that a bad thing? There is no legitimate reason anyone could come up with as to why it is, because it just isn’t. Extinction isn’t tragic nor is it sad. As I said, it’s just the natural progression of life.


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  1. My answer to this question is that there are 6 billion people in the world. Not 500. Even if 2 billion people decided to become childfree, there are still 4 billion who can procreate to maintain our planet’s crash course into a world with increaesed competition for resources.

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