Sterilization For The Childfree: Why Is It So Hard To Get?

This is an editorial I wrote for another blogging site and I’m reposting it here. I think most of you would agree with this, but if you don’t feel free to comment and tell me why.

You know, I’ve been wondering for some time why it’s so hard to get a doctor to sterilize you, especially if you don’t have kids. Do the doctors think they know better than you about what you want in life?

Whatever it is, it’s a pain.

There is no law in any country prohibiting the sterilization of those without children. In every country I’ve looked at the only requirement is to be of legal age. Other than that, no requirements. However, most doctors will refuse to sterilize someone who doesn’t have kids. I was able to get a vasectomy without too much difficulty (and for men it’s not all that hard), but it’s almost impossible for a child-free woman to get sterilized. Once again, we see gender inequality here.

Personally, I think there should be a law that says doctors cannot refuse to sterilize someone if they request sterilization. Iceland has such a law and it works wonders over there. Such a law would protect the reproductive rights of people, and would even make the anti-choicers happy because it would drive down abortion rates by reducing unwanted pregnancies. The law is a win for everyone.

Nobody knows your desires better than you, so why should doctors be allowed to have any say in your reproductive freedom? Regret shouldn’t be taken into consideration, and there’s always adoption anyway for those who change their mind (we don’t need any more people on the planet anyway). So whatever. It’s your body, it should be your choice. Period.


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  1. As a woman, I am a second class citizen when it comes to reproductive rights. I’m 23 and I already know from extensive reading that 30 is the magical age that childfree minded women can find a doctor who will believe them and their right to choose sterilization. Some women are able to find a doctor earlier, but 30 is the consensus I reached while reading.

  2. I had little difficulty getting a vasectomy at 21 (back in the 80,s).

    When I was 19, I tried, but did not know how to ask. I was single. The first question the interviewer asked was something like, “Do you and your wife have all the children you want?”. I answered, “I am not married. Just do not like children”. I was sent away.

    I tried again a few years later. I went to a small non-profit clinic. The same thing happened. I asked for the forms I filled to be returned to me.

    I later went back to the same place at 21 (almost 22). This time I played along. I voulentered nothing. I just answered YES and NO. I was given an appointment and the rest was history.

  3. Wow! This post is my exact same stance! It is appalling that there are so many people who don’t care if the world is overpopulated just so long as they can push their agenda on others. I would like to ask an ant-choicer or anyone against allowing childfree people the option of sterilization if they would be willing to take in any unwanted kids that would be the result of such a backwards idea.

    Luckily I’m 39 so I think my chances of finding a dr. to perform a tubal or even a hysterectomy will be greater than if I were in my 20’s. I just need to raise the funds. I never understood why someone can get welfare because they have kids they can’t afford yet someone who can’t afford birth control or sterilization can’t get some form of assistance. I would much rather tax dollars go into prevention rather than a system that actually encourages the problem of children living in poverty,

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