Another Retarded Breeder Comment

So on my blog where I talked about dealing with parental pressure I received this lovely gem from a guy by the name of Dan K. Wynn:

“What a revealing post! For your sake I hope the reverse vasectomy is successful when you are finally a grown up and decide to quit rebelling from your parents.”

Well, apparently this guy didn’t read that post very carefully. I’ve known from a very early age (even before I came of a “rebellious age”) that I did not want children. Growing up I was, for the most part, a good kid. I didn’t do anything just to rebel against my parents. Of course I acted out on occasion as do all kids, but I never attempted to directly defy them.

I also find the irony of his comment totally hilarious. How many times have we seen on Maury or Jerry Springer these teenage sluts who are trying to get pregnant (or get their girlfriends pregnant) to spite their parents? Now that’s what I’d call true rebellion!

All of that however is beside the point. I’m an adult now, I have my own life, and that means I can live it however I see fit and I don’t need parental permission for anything. In other words, it’s impossible for me to rebel against my parents! Further, how stupid of me would it be to choose this as a mode of rebellion? If I really wanted kids, and didn’t have them out of sheer rebellion, I’d be compromising my happiness. As it is, having a child would completely and totally ruin my life, not enhance it.

Stupid comment really. I’m never having my vasectomy reversed and I’ve never done anything just to rebel against my parents. As I’ve mentioned, my mother is completely on board and supportive of me. She fully understands that I’m a grown man and am capable of making my own decisions in life. My father was not, and that’s a large part of the reason I don’t miss his sorry ass a bit and am glad he’s dead.

So whatever you say I suppose, troll face.


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  1. Ha! I kind of like your blog, even though I’m a breeder. No one should have kids based on someone else’s expectation for their life. What I don’t understand is why you use the parenting tag, if you don’t fully expect trolls (angry parents) to comment?

    • It’s to elicit more discussion. I actually encourage constructive dialog from parents and the childfree alike. I have no problems with someone posting a (respectful) dissenting opinion. That said, I reserve the right to censor (and make posts mocking) trolls. I actually quite enjoy mocking trolls and making them look stupid, actually.

  2. I thought you did a nice job with your mocking here. I’d rather read something that challenges the way I think about things than just about any other kind of blog. Sarcasm and humor are always a bonus.

  3. Some people just can’t understand that we are not all cookie-cutter cutouts that think exactly the same way. That guy probably rebelled against his parents, so he assumes that you do, and he wants kids, so he assumes that you do. So many people just don’t understand the childfree lifestyle, they think it is selfish, or childish, that it will be grown out of. I am in my mid 30’s and each year that goes by I want children even less, so although when I was in my teens, I assumed, along with the rest of the world, that I would have kids “someday”, now I know that I never want kids. I am glad to say that my husband agrees with me, and got fixed last year. I would rather donate my time to other causes and charities, instead of raising a child in an overpopulated world.

  4. I used to think that I had to want children. I’m so grateful that I’ve stumbled on the childfree community on the internet!

    RFL, it seems to me that you’re a parent, not a breeder. In case nobody explained it to you, a breeder is not a catch-all expression for childed people.

  5. In high school I used to think I wanted four kids (two sets of twins and a nanny). I also believed in the policy: if one dies, I still have some left. And then my best friend’s aunt dropped her kid off on his mom’s doorstep and we became like second parents to the baby while in high school. Nothing put me off more. When I was in university I went to Oxford and got involved in women’s studies. That ripped away all of my misconceptions (religious and secular)/ reasons for having children.

    The kid is eight now and although my friend and I love her dearly she sticks like glue to him (my friend) and all he wants to do is head for the hills. Thankfully, he actually has that option as he isn’t the legal guardian, but the struggle to rear children is no joke. I wouldn’t wish it on any unwilling party.

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