Why Human Extinction Isn’t An Inherently Bad Thing

You know, if it’s one of the more outlandish statements I’ve heard people make about the childfree it’s that we’re going to bring about the extinction of the human race one day. As if! Breeders still outnumber childfree couples about 4 to 1 the last time I saw, and on top of all of that our population is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, rather than decrease. So no, I don’t believe for a second we CF people are doing anything that will remotely endanger the human species. I guess I’m just saying, “You people are out of your cotton-pickin’  mind.”

THAT SAID, would the extinction of the human race really be such a terrible thing? Would it really be the end of the world as we know it? My answer, and the answer of most enlightened people, is a resounding “no.”

Quite frankly, back off and think about this for a second: what ecological, biological, or other purpose does the human species serve? We’ve effectively taken ourselves out of the food chain, and thus removed ourselves from that delicate balance known as the circle of life. I’m often reminded of that quote from the movie The Lion King where the ghost of Mufasa says “You have forgotten who you are…..it’s time to take your place in the great circle of life.” We are no longer part of that circle of life, but are in fact “above” it, because we’ve effectively removed ourselves from nature. Nobody hunts us, but we can hunt any game we want with advanced tools, including creatures that are designed by their very evolution to not be hunted.

We’ve really forgotten who we truly are. We’re just a species, no better or superior to any other species on the face of this planet (despite the fact we like to think we’re better than every other species on this planet; truth be told we’re not). We serve absolutely no ecological or biological purpose. We don’t clean up waste products or have any beneficial impact on the environment. We do nothing but fuck this planet’s delicate natural balance up. That’s ALL we do in that regard. Some “purpose,” eh?

So with that, when we look at our rightful place, let’s look at the cycle that other species go through. The natural evolutionary process (and if anyone even wants to try to say evolution is false and creationism is correct, I will QUICKLY rip you to shreds, so don’t go there) of species basically prescribes that a species evolves, it thrives for a period of time, and then either evolves into another species or just completely dies off, thus becoming extinct. Extinction is a natural process, and every species on the face of this planet will face extinction eventually. We are no different in that regard, and as much as we try to delay the inevitable, it is going to happen, and not in the fictitious way books like the Holey Babble say it will (once again, don’t even go there).

In that light, go ahead and blame us for human extinction. Though that probably won’t be the way we go at all and we’ll probably blow our asses off the face of the earth with WMDs in all likelihood, even if we were the ones responsible, why does it matter? It absolutely does not. We’re the most useless species on this planet, and we’re apparently not going to accept our rightful place in the circle of life anytime soon, so you know, our extinction would not a bad thing.


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  1. You’re absolutely right. Our extinction is inevitable, one day we WILL die out as a species. Either it will be a natural process, or we’ll kill ourselves somehow, or there will be a global disaster. It’s just a natural process.

    And it’s EXTREMELY unlikely that there will ever be enough CF people to tip the scales toward extinction. EVER. So, anyone who uses this should automatically be assumed to have LOST the debate/argument. They’ve just crossed over into the Land of LaLa. Because, that is the most laughable thing they could come up with. Out of ALL of the ways we could potentially cause our own extinction, Childfree people outnumbering Childed people to the gigantic extent that would be needed for us to become an endangered species let alone an extinct species is NOT on that list.

    People who use the “CF people will drive us to extinction!” argument have already lost the debate the MOMENT they trot that argument out. It’s just that ridiculous. It’s meant to be sensational and shocking because they KNOW that they’re frustrated and want to win the argument but know that they can’t any other way but to bring out something so inane as this.

    It’s like when a theist brings up Hitler as an example of an atheist (he was actually a self-proclaimed Catholic who had the full backing and cooperation and even HELP of the Catholic Church — all of which is WELL documented) who did a bunch of terrible things to show that atheists are worse than theists. This doesn’t work not only because Hitler was not an atheist, but because the genocidal maniacs of the time who WERE atheists also did not do their nasty shit in the name of atheism or because they were atheist but because they were genocidal lunatics. Some of which practiced ancestor worship (like North Korea) rather than true non-religion. But, as soon as they trot these examples out, they’ve lost the argument. Because, it’s just meant to be sensational and shocking, it’s meant to catch people off guard, it’s meant to sway fence-sitters to their side due to the sheer shock value. They know they’ve lost the argument, but they can pretend to win if they trot out something sensational and shocking.

    That’s what Childed people are doing when they scream about Childfree people potentially bringing the extinction of the human species about by simply being CF and advocating for CF rights and considerations and advocating for more responsible family planning of people who want to have children (which, btw, adoption can be part of family planning — lots of unwanted kids waiting to be adopted or fostered!).

  2. While extinction is inevitable and all, I’m still waiting to be picked up by a being smarter than us. A part of me really believes that humans are the most diabolical creatures in the universe.

  3. Species do not have teleological purpose. The current ecosystem is merely the result of billions of years of randomized evolution. Speaking of “purpose” is imposing values on a valueless universe.

  4. When humans go extinct, I think all the animals that fill the land, sea and sky will have the biggest party in the world, lol!

    But seriously, humanity needs to grow up or go extinct, and if you don’t agree with such reasoning, you should check out the “Earthlings” documentary (it’s currently available to watch on YouTube, but be prepared to feel the cleansing burn of enlightenment), and if that doesn’t transform you, then there’s no hope for you in this life.

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