GSN’s Baggage: Rejected For Being Childfree

So I have a friend back in the States who’s really into the GSN’s raunchy “Dating Game” spinoff called “Baggage.” For those who’ve never watched the show: it’s like the dating game, but each one of three potential dates has three pieces of baggage, which can be embarrassing, bad, or just plain disgusting secrets. There’s one small, one medium, and one large piece of baggage, and whoever the contestant selects then has to decide whether or not he/she can deal with the contestant’s baggage.

Well, my friend yesterday just had to IM me and tell me what went down on yesterday’s episode. The contestant was a woman, this time going through three potential men. At the end when she selected her date, she of course then had to reveal her baggage. Her piece of baggage was essentially that she didn’t like kids and did not want them. Ultimately, the man she selected said he couldn’t deal with her baggage and after the show said he’d always dreamed of having a “large family.”

This really brings up two things I wanted to address in today’s blog, and I wanted to address each one, so here we go:

To the lady: kudos to you for being so upfront and honest about being childfree. For you, and most other CF people, this is a very important aspect of who we are and how we identify ourselves. I think it’s better for you to be honest and lose out on a date than to wind up dating someone who has different visions than you do. Quite frankly, if that’s the worst of your baggage feel free to look up any CF dating site and find the CF man of your dreams. We do exist, so please do not get discouraged.

To the man: kudos to you for saying you couldn’t accept her baggage. It says something about you that you’d be willing to turn down a date with a CF woman instead of pursuing her and trying to manipulate her into having children and/or trying to forcibly change her mind. In that regard I have a lot more respect for you than a lot of other people who desire children. However, I do want to suggest that you think long and hard about having a “large family.” I hope you have a financial plan and a way to support them before you do. I bet you could find any number of Catholic women who could make you happy, so that’s not an issue whatsoever.

I’m a firm believer that couples should both be on the same page concerning children, whether you’re CF, desire children, or a fencesetter (seriously, I think it’d be better if two fencesetters married than a fencesetter marrying someone who has a firm decision on children). So in that way, I’m glad that they didn’t go on a date or pursue a relationship, because neither one would be happy with the other’s child status.

That’s just my take though. Did any of my readers watch yesterday? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I had no idea that this show existed until now, so I certainly wasn’t watching. :p

    I agree with you, it’s a good thing that she was so upfront about her CF status and that he was so upfront about how he felt about it. There’s nothing wrong with this being a deal breaker, because this is a core issue of a relationship. I think ultimately they’ll both be much happier that they were upfront than if they had pursued a relationship despite their differences on the stance of children.

    This man might end up changing his mind about a large family. People generally don’t get a big family all at once, barring IVF or something, so usually they’ve got a chance to decide not to have a gazillion kids. So, he might find after two or three that he and whoever he gets together with are quite happy with that many and he isn’t that keen on having in excess of five kids.

    The vast majority of Catholic women use birth control, despite the stance of the Catholic Church on this. I mean it’s in excess of 90% of Catholic women use birth control. Not all of them want large families, either. So, even among Catholics he might have trouble finding a woman who wants to be the next Michelle Duggar. However, maybe he could join the Quiverfull movement?

    I’m very glad, however, that it appears this woman didn’t get a lecture about being CF and that it was just accepted that this was her stance on children, and that they were both upfront and dealt with this in a mature manner, even though they were on a television dating show. I’ve watched TV dating shows before and have never been very impressed with the contestants or their ideas of what makes a good date, a good significant other, or what are and are not deal breakers. Once I watched a guy choose a girl just because she said that if he, an old woman, and a puppy were all drowning that she would save the puppy instead of him or the old woman. I don’t even see the point of this sort of question, nor do I see why this answer was THE answer that clinched the deal. But, you get what I’m talking about from the example, right? So, I’m pleasantly surprised that this was dealt with in an upfront and mature manner.

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