“You’ll Have A Child If God Wants You To”

In that very same flame-war with said Catholic nutcase over contraception, she outright pulled that card. She says “If God chooses to bless you [Bless? Really? I don’t view children as any sort of blessing.] with a child, it will happen even if you’re using contraception.”

So let me get this straight, dumbass. You’re chalking up contraception failures to God? Um, no. Contraception is not perfect, and some people just don’t use it the right way. Don’t you think that would result in failures, especially for those who aren’t using it right? Even if used perfectly it might fail, again, because it’s not perfect (and why do you think I had to give two semen samples before I was officially declared sterile?). Of course, that’s why they’re so pro-NFP because God can decide to “change up the woman’s cycle” (and I’m using a direct quote from this idiot once again) and get the woman pregnant. Well, no wonder so-called NFP has a ridiculously high failure rate, and a much higher one than the 99.5% they claim. That “statistic” is utter BS and I and every other educated individual knows this. A woman can get pregnant at any time, not just certain times like NFP says, hence the high failure rate.

At any rate, I digress. This brings up a whole other issue, and I might piss some people off here but oh well. If your “God” would choose to “bless” someone with a child (using your terminology) against their will, then your “God” is a fucking asshole not deserving of any worship, admiration, praise, or love. Seriously. Forcing someone to do something against his/her will is slavery, and having children is no exception to that. Of course, that just gives further credence to my belief that the Judeo-Christian “God” is one of the two most evil fictional villains in the history of literature (the other, of course, being the Allah of Islam, which many will argue is the same deity).

I can’t believe religious people sometimes, and especially religious breeders. They think they’re all high and mighty doing “God’s will” by pushing out as many children as possible, and anyone who doesn’t must be in rebellion against their deity of choice. Whatever. I’ve read the Bible and the Qur’an both and I can’t find anything against the childfree life in either, though I can see why some would interpret it that way. Alas, I guess it’s a good thing I’m an atheist. That way I don’t have to put up with any of that crap.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. I totally agree with you. The religious side of the child free choice is so obnoxious to fight. If only the sheep would realize that organized religion is all about control, the world would be a better place.

    I have a co-worker who was very opposed to having children when I first started working here, she had some issues, went to therapy for a few years and has since changed her mind and is 8 months pregnant. Somewhere in the endless yammering about her baby my decision to remain child free gets brought up and she says something like ‘Oh well, go to therapy, it was something traumatic in your childhood that is making you think that way’ I had a normal childhood, still have a decent relationship with my family and no, I can’t think of anything traumatic that swayed my decision. In fact I’ve wanted to remain child free since I was 9 years old and we were stuck in traffic on Thanksgiving, I remember thinking that there were too many people in the world and I didn’t want to contribute to the chaos. My reasons have evolved and changed over the years but my decision still holds.

    Whatever reason other people have for having kids, they feel that that should be your reason too and they’ll to anything to convince you so you can share their “joy”.

    I love hearing about the child free choice from a mans perspective, thanks, love the blog.

  2. I find your writing and beliefs totally refreshing. Very often I feel bombarded by this “having a baby is the thing to do” stuff pushed by the media. I too get sick of hearing about all of these pregnant celebrities like their some kind of goddesses to be revered, worshipped, idolized and all of that other BS stuff. I abhore people like the Duggars who seem to think that they’re in a race to have to most kids possible. How narrow minded can some people be! It’s like the media is frothing at the mouth with anticipation of the next celebrity announcing her pregnancy so they can go on and on about her “baby bump”. Oh, how I HATE that stupid term!
    I can’t understand why people are so hell-bent on having kids. You’d think that with all of the crowds, waiting in line, traffic, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, mountainous landfills, disappearing animal and plant species, etc. etc. that people would put two and two together and figure out that we should limit how many children are brought into this over-crowded world rather than glorifying in people’s pregnancies. With our dwindling resources, why wouldn’t they want to promote childlessness instead?! I just don’t understand most people and their stupid way of thinking. They seem to think it’s their right to pump out children, but I don’t think they realize that that will end up being our destruction and the ruination of the earth (more than it already is ruined by the tonnage of people trying to live off of it). I wish more people would think like you do!

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