A (Very Small) Taste of Parenthood

So, there’s recently come a situation in the lives of my mother, my sister, and I that reminds me of the many reasons I’m childfree and will stay that way forever.

My mother works as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital/ER and yesterday the saddest possible situation came up. A man who breeds King Doberman dogs came in with 14 babies after the mother died of a ruptured uterus trying to find people to take the puppies as he didn’t have the time to put into caring for them. Well, my mother being the sucker she is brought one home as between the three of us one of us at least will always be home to watch it and whatever.

It’s the cutest little puppy, don’t get me wrong, but man it’s a lot of work. Having to wake up in the wee hours of the night to feed it, cuddle with it, encourage it to go to the bathroom, etc., well, let’s just say that even after a day that much work and commitment is wearing on all of us. That’s when I got to thinking “well, now I know a little bit what parents of newborns go through, and damn I’m glad I had a vasectomy.”

After getting this small taste of what parenthood is like, I now know for 100% certain that I definitely don’t want kids. I’m not liking this lack of sleep, tending to the pup, feeding it every few hours, potty-training (later on), etc. too much. Thank god this stage only lasts for a couple of months as opposed to years with a human kid. Not to mention the expense of formula and shit? Yeah, it’ll take a bite out of our budget, but again, not as much as a human kid.

This is going to be a long few months. Oh well. I love animals. I’m more of a cat person, but I do like dogs too. Oh, and the mandatory picture of our new little baby:


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  1. Everything I know about child-rearing I learned from training my dogs. Imagine how popular I am when i say that in front of other parents.

    Having a kid is like having a dog that learns to talk. There are pros and cons to that one, too.

  2. It was sweet of your mum to give a puppy a home. ❤

    I can relate to your situation. Our elderly German Shepherd died of cancer earlier this year. Caring for him in his final months was quite a bit of work, but there's no way that we wouldn't have done it.

    We wanted another GSD, so now we have an eleven week-old girl to love. She's pretty obedient and affectionate. Toilet training is a bit of a journey, but we'll get there. In any case, it's easier and faster to toilet train a puppy than a baby.

  3. He’s entirely too cute! And yeah, all my children have paws, too!! :p Please don’t dock his ears and tail, though, when he gets older. ;_;

  4. Wow! I just went through almost the exact same experience in February! A beagle mother killed by a car left 8 puppies orphaned at 1 week old. My husband and I cared for 3 of the pups for 7 weeks, and yes, it was like caring for babies. It was such a reinforcement to remain childfree. We were glad for the experience, and I cried when our pups were adopted. But I won’t foster puppies again. They sure are cute though. Best of luck to you and your pups.

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