Disgusting Kids Bully 68 Year Old Woman

I’m sure most of you have seen this by now, but if you have not be forewarned that the following video contains very disturbing footage. What you are about to see is a bunch of sick, unruly middle schoolers bullying a 68 year old woman. The video is 10 minutes, if you can even make it through it.

They make fun of everything from her hair to her weight and everything in between. Probably the most callous comment, though, was the one where they said she was so ugly her kids should kill themselves. Unbeknownst to them, her son committed suicide some 10 years ago. Yeah, foot meet mouth, motherfuckers? (Not that they care, but yeah.)

And people wonder why I say 99% of parents these days fucking suck at being parents. IT’S FUCKING NASTY BULLSHIT LIKE THIS WHY US CHILDFREE FOLK ARE SO HOSTILE TOWARD YOUR SORRY BREEDER ASSES. You think this kind of shit is funny, and even if you don’t, you encourage it with your lack of parenting and discipline, and WE’RE the ones that get to put up with the worst of the fruits of your lack of parenting skills. Your lack of a backbone to step up to the plate and actually be parents are why we get so irritated with you and your kids. Instead of being respectful, upstanding citizens, your children reek like the smelly crotch feces they are, and it’s YOUR FUCKING FAULT! It’s all this “no spanking” and “attachment parenting” crap that’s making the next generation the way it is today. I remember when I was a kid if I’d have acted like that I’d have gotten my butt worn out and maybe then some. There is no deterrent force at work in these kids because of your failure to instill the fear of you and the consequences in them.

That said, now my attention turns to the school. I don’t know what disciplinary action (if any) was taken, but I hope you’re taking this matter seriously. If these kids’ gene donors won’t parent, unfortunately it becomes up to you to become the parents. You need to take this matter seriously. I can tell you right now if it had been me, I’d have placed them in what we called “alternative education placement” in school where they could deal with more of their own kind and see how tough they really were. Let me tell you that place was/is not fun. If that didn’t fix the problem, the next step would have been expulsion. That said, I highly doubt these fuckers got so much as detention and is further evidence of how public school systems worldwide are failing.

So, my dear breeder brigade, in case you were wondering why we CFers can be so hostile at times, there’s your answer. If you’d actually be parents shit like this wouldn’t happen and quite frankly we’d have nothing to complain about (or, well, much less to complain about). Once you quit turning a blind eye to how out-of-line and totally destructive your children are, maybe we’ll start turning a blind eye to your kids, but not until then. You better straighten yourselves and your kids up NOW. I don’t want to see the consequences that will befall if you don’t.


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  1. This is a prime example of one of the reasons I don’t want kids, I know how cruel people can be. I’m definitely not perfect, but like a lot of people, I’ve had roommates, family, and friends say some pretty mean and nasty stuff to me that I probably won’t forget. Sometimes it’s half joking, but everything is going to have an affect on you. There is no perfect life, but this kind of stuff is just ridiculous. I’m glad she was contacted by so many supporters after this went viral.

  2. Amen.

    Disgusting little bastards. They, their parents and their school(s) should be utterly ashamed.

    Why would you want to risk bringing something like this into the world?!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I actually hadn’t seen this until now and it is despicable. Kids were always mean to one another growing up, I’m sure we all went through it to some extent, but I think this is a prime example of how much worse things are getting. Where do these entitled little fucks come off speaking to someone like that? Let alone someone who is in a position of some authority. These kids’ parents should not have the responsibility of raising children, clearly they’re fucking clueless.

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