Childfree Community Boycotts Apple, Claims Discrimination

Re-posting here as I was quoted in this story. I’m famous ;-P

Childfree people around the world have banded together to call for a boycott against the Apple Computer Company, claiming they are being unfairly discriminated against due to Apple’s lack of inclusion of the word “childfree” in their devices’ dictionaries, which flags it as a misspelling.

Apple, makers of the famed Macintosh computer and the “iProducts” does not include the word “childfree” in its spell-check dictionary, while the word “childless” is included and is recognized by spell-check. Unlike Apple’s, Microsoft’s spell-check dictionary includes the word “childfree” and does not flag it as a misspelling.

The childfree community claims that Apple is being discriminatory against them, erroneously labeling all people who don’t have children as “childless.” Childfree people claim that the term is used to differentiate them and place emphasis on the fact that their lack of children is by choice rather than by circumstance, and they should not be grouped together with childless persons.

Lynn M., corporate pilot and author of the popular childfree-themed blog Cool Childfree Guy, who does not want his last name revealed for fear of retaliation from the Apple Computer Company and angry parents, had this to say:

“I’m disappointed that Apple has chosen to not recognize us childfree people for who we are. They’ve sent their message loud and clear that we’re not people worthy of recognition. They, like so many other individuals and companies, appear to think that one’s worthiness is dependent on their ability and willingness to breed. For those reasons, I cannot in good conscience support Apple or its products. I call on all the members of the childfree community to switch to the childfree-friendly PC.”

Apple has not yet responded to this delicate matter. 

This story brought to you by CNN, the Childfree News Network.


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  1. For those of you who weren’t smart enough to figure it out, yes, this is a spoof. I’ve been so serious on here lately I felt like I needed something we all could laugh about. I hope you all found this hilarious.

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