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My Secret To A Fun, Exciting Life

I was talking to a parent friend the other day and she mentioned what an exciting and fun life I have. Well, she’s right! I’m out there living it up and living the good life. Bowling in two leagues per week, rollerblading, disc golf, play dates with mine and my friends’ dogs, traveling all over the place for quarter peals, peals, and ringing workshops, among my other many hobbies and interests. She then asked me what my secret was to having such a great life, and when I told her what it was, well, needless to say I made her rather angry. ūüėõ

What is my secret? Well, most of you should already know by now that my secret to having such a fun life is ¬†being childfree, of course! Not having any children to tend to means I have so much more time to engage in the things I love. I don’t have worry about having to find a babysitter to go out for a night of fun, or even worse, having to stay home because I can’t find one. I can leave for a weekend without consequence (of course, first arranging boarding for my pets, usually with a friend). Being childfree just allows me to do what I want, when I want, and have nobody else to worry about!

I think one of the sad realizations that new parents have is they no longer have this luxury. “Postpartum depression?” I highly doubt it’s a legitimate hormonal/chemical/whatever disorder. I think it’s more than likely a result of new mothers realizing that the once great life they had is gone, and that by the time they have the opportunity again, they’ll be too old to fully enjoy it, instead of really living up when they’re in their “prime.”

Of course, I didn’t mean to anger my dear friend or anything, I was just being truthful. While parents are busy tending to their children every waking moment of every day, we childfree people are out and about living life to the fullest and enjoying the finer things in life. Parents say they don’t envy us, but I see right through that smokescreen. I know they envy us, and you can tell by their tone of voice, and even “breeder bingo” is strong evidence of that. They have to justify their decisions despite the fact their lives have largely, dare I say it, been ruined by their new obligations.

So there you have it. My secret to living the good life is no secret at all. Childfreedom is the key to a fun, exciting life, and that’s the bottom line.


Living Vicariously Through Children

So I was over in ICQ chatting in the 20-something chatroom there (big mistake number one, but I was bored) and I got to talking to this one girl in private chat who seemed pretty cool. We were telling each other about ourselves and whatever, and then I brought up that I was childfree and she seemed shocked. Breeder bingoed me a couple of times, then asked a question I’ve never heard a parent or wannabe parent ask: “Don’t you want to live vicariously through your children?”

Of course, this got me thinking. Are there in fact people who have children just so they can live vicariously through them? You know, those mothers who want toddler beauty pageant queens or those dads who want star peewee football players, all because they weren’t pretty enough to be an adult beauty queen or an NFL superstar?

That’s when I realized that yes, there are parents like there out there, and that I know parents like that! I can’t tell you how many dads I’ve seen force their sons to play the sports they (the dad) likes, not necessarily what the kid is interested in. Same thing with mothers coercing daughters into being beauty queens. Oh, and never mind you got knocked up and weren’t able to go to law school like you hoped to, you can just groom your kid up to be the next big-shot lawyer and do whatever you can to convince him/her that law is the career to go into.

Now, you’ve heard me go on and on about the many selfish reasons parents reproduce, but chalk up another one! I’m sorry you weren’t athletic enough to live your sports dreams, or smart enough to get¬†accepted¬†into medical school. That doesn’t give you any right to force your children to do what you wanted to do.

Going back to the question I was posed for a minute. “Don’t you want to live vicariously through your children?” Well, I don’t have to! You know why? I’m living vicariously through my own eyes! I have an awesome job, a bunch of awesome hobbies, and I get out there and do stuff. I may not be a male model or a professional athlete, but I don’t have to be nor have I ever wanted to be. My life right now is pretty much how I always envisioned it. I can guarantee you this would not be the case if I had chosen the “traditional” route of having kids.

I have to admit, I feel kinda sorry for the parents who think they need to live vicariously through their kids. It just tells me they’re unsatisfied with the way their life panned out. On the other hand, I really don’t feel sorry for them all at the same time, because most of them are not doing anything to better their lives. Whatever the case, it’s wrong to push your kids to do stuff they might not necessarily enjoy just because you enjoy it.

Singapore: Government-Sanctioned Breeding

I was reading my Xanga subscriptions the other day and came across this a couple of days ago. Talk about some over-the-top campaigning!

So here’s the scoop: Singapore’s birthrate is down significantly, like several other developed countries’ birthrates in the world today. In 2011, it was about 0.5%. If the current trend continues, it will be 0% in a couple of more years. So what does the government do? They start trying to convince its citizens that reproducing is their “civic duty.”

All I have to say is such a thing just reeks racism and/or¬†xenophobia¬†to me. Sure, the birthrate might be down, but if you want to repopulate the country, there are literally billions of starving children around the world that could use good homes. Why not adopt one of them? Oh but we can’t, they don’t have Singaporian (is that even the right word?) blood! We have to keep our country pure! Hmmm, sounds a bit like white supremacy groups, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Of course, that’s not the worst of it. The government just promoting breeding by words is one thing, but yes, it gets worse. The government literally pays people to have children, and not just a little bit either. We’re talking thousands of dollars! According to the report I’m about to link to, for a fifth child the parents get paid like an $18,000 US equivalent bonus for having a child! I’m sorry, but that is absolutely disgusting, and I can think of a lot better causes that kind of money could go to besides being an incentive for breeding.

That said, I think the worst part of it is the sheer narcissism being promoted by the government. Quite frankly how many societies and/or races have died out in years past? Quite a few! Guess what, the world went on. If continuing one’s race is really that important to him/her, well, that’s a really narcissistic reason to reproduce. Same thing, really, with the continuation of the human race in general. We’re going to die out eventually, which won’t be a tragic thing, but just the natural progression of life on earth. Reproducing for that reason only is, again, extremely narcissistic.

Of course, the government said they aren’t responsible for the video, nor did they necessarily approve the advertisement, but something tells me otherwise. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. With Germany raising taxes on the childless/childfree to promote breeding, I suspect many other countries will follow suit and start offering financial incentives to breed.

Whatever the case, you can read more here:

In Which I Publicly Ridicule A Stupid Breeder

Every now and then a trollish breeder decides to spread his/her filth on one of my posts. Most of those comments I don’t allow because of the sheer disrespect and just downright rudeness that spews forth. However, every now and then I will allow one (especially if it’s in reply to another commenter). However, in doing so, seeing as how this is my blog, I reserve the right to publicly ridicule him/her for his/her ridiculous content. So here we go!

On my post awhile back discussing the semantics between childless and childfree, a breeder boy by the name of Dave had this to say in reply to Robin’s comment directly above it:

What a lovely gem, eh? Sounds like a typical breeder. We’ve all heard this stupid shit time and time again, huh? So I say we break this comment down and ridicule our beloved “Dave” for all it’s worth, what do you say?

“Because for most people creating a family is more important than a beach condo.” Well, first of all lovely use of the English language. Weren’t you ever taught that it’s improper English to start a sentence with the word “because?” Terrible grammar aside, who cares what’s more important to “most people?” Most people in today’s world have absolutely no brains or rationality (case in point: most people still believe in god/gods even after science has clearly demonstrated the claims of pretty much all major religions to be false). ¬†Besides, how many people have kids by accident? A very large percentage, and I’d be willing to bet that most people probably don’t want kids deep down and have them due to societal pressure (post about that to come later).

“I have 3 kids, a beach condo and all 3 kids will be out of the house by time I‚Äôm 44.”¬†Sorry, but I am just not impressed. Thanks for contributing to the overpopulation problem, first of all. Second, if your last will be out of the house by the time you’re 44, that means you were 26 when you had your youngest kid! Wow, talk about breeding young and seemingly before you’re¬†emotionally¬†mature enough to handle crap like that! As far as that condo, how much of a loan did you have to take out for it? As someone who has a 6-figure income and is CF, I could get that and pay for it outright if I just put the cost of raising one kid away for 18 years! Never mind all the interest I’m saving. Who’s made the smarter choice here?

“If you choose not to have a family and instead have a beach condo that is your choice but do not expect anyone to aide you for it.”¬†What the fucking fuck is that even supposed to mean? “Do not expect anyone to aide you for it?” Totally incoherent statement, but let’s try to make sense of it. So you had kids to aide you in moving into your beach condo? Or do you treat your young children like slaves and make them do chores 8 hours per day keeping the place clean? Damn, and people call us selfish for not having kids! That’s every bit as selfish as people who expect their kids to take care of them when they’re old as though their kids actually owe them something! Sorry, your kids don’t owe you jack shit, so quit acting like they do!

“Most childless/child free people only realize they want a family once they get older and become invisible to the younger crowd and it hits tem[sic] them they will never ever have a family to enjoy those years with.”¬†Oh this is absolutely rich. The whole “you’ll change your mind one day/you’ll regret is some day” breeder bingo! I could talk about all the stories of parents who actually regret having children, but I’ll let you read them yourself by way of clicking the link. “Invisible to the younger crowd.” Guess what, bozo? As CF people that crowd is exactly who we don’t give a flying fuck about! Especially with the way they’re being raised today! These disgusting little rambunctious, ill-disciplined crotch droppings running around today are going to grow up to be disgusting, disrespectful, ill-mannered adults! Besides, who’s to say that we won’t have anyone to enjoy those years with? I bowl in two leagues per week, hit up the roller rink twice per week, among doing other things! It’s not like I’ll be void of human contact during those years. Further talking more about this, some people are not family oriented anyway (I’m definitely not). I’m perfectly content to exist in my own little bubble with my fur babies. They make better companions than people anyway. All of that, never mind how you seem to just magically know how most CF people feel in their old age. How arrogant can you get?

Well, that was fun! With that, a fair warning to all you breeder trolls out there: tread with caution, unless you want me to publicly make a spectacle out of you, because I have no qualms doing so. If you have something to add to the discussion, by all means I welcome your comment or the opposing view, so long as you’re respectful. However, once you start into this breeder bingo bullshit, it’s all over.

No Kids After 9 PM At My Roller Rink: We’re Winning!

I’ve recently gotten really into rollerblading. Just running all the time was getting boring and I was looking for something to spice up my workouts just a little bit, and after awhile of thinking and looking around it hit me. Alas, I’ve been enjoying it and have even joined a local skating club. The best part about it? No kids after 9 PM!

Little things like this just remind me that while this world is still very kid-friendly, there are more and more kid-free options popping up all the time. Now, the skating rink I go to isn’t exactly kid free, but I’m content to just avoid the hours kids will be there and wait for the kid-free time. Even so, this particular rink isn’t exactly kid-friendly anyway. It’s got a very bar-like atmosphere to it, and the times I’ve been by there during the day there usually aren’t but one or two kids anyway. We have plenty of other more “family friendly” (god I hate that term) skating rinks, so they tend to frequent those. Whatever keeps the little brats out of my hair, I suppose.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t despair. More and more businesses are seeing the profitability of adult-only environments and are catering to them. All the businesses with brat bans in place are actually doing quite well, and some of them have seen an increase in profits. I think this trend will continue and we’ll continue to see more options popping up. Just the fact that businesses are listening to us, I think, means we’re winning the war. It’s also evidence that being childfree may be becoming a little more socially acceptable than it has in years past. We can only hope.

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today is a very special day for me. It’s an anniversary of sorts. What anniversary is it? I’ll give you a few guesses and then I’ll come back to you.






















Today is my 2-year vasectomy anniversary! ūüėÄ Yes, I’ll be celebrating some tonight. It’s a monumental occasion for me. after all. Nearly two years of worry-free sex and many more to come. Yay for me! Party!!!!

“Unbaby Me” Google Chrome Extension (And A Slight Rant About Smug Breeders)

So I blog over on as like a “primary” blog site where I write entries about various things (not necessarily CF issues), when I saw a post on one of their sister sites called “Momaroo” (I hope you guys are cringing at such a stupid name and the theme) about a Google Chrome extension called “Unbaby Me.” Well, it’s supposed to be an extension that replaces pictures of those snotty-nosed crotch droppings breeders like to refer to as “the cutest things ever” with pictures of kittens (which are actually cute, unlike babies/children).

Well guys, I hate to report that it absolutely does not work as advertised. I had one of my Facebook friends nail up a picture that it was supposed to filter out and it did absolutely nothing. Even after updating Chrome, clearing my cache, and refreshing my Facebook feed, it had absolutely no effect. The problems are twofold:

1) Un-captioned photos will not be censored whether you get it to work or not. The extension has a list of key words (that you can add to manually, I should add) that it’s supposed to catch and replace. If the photo is un-captioned as is usually the case with most photos uploaded to Facebook, it’s not going to filter it.

2) Even after adding a slew of key words to the app, it still didn’t filter out any pictures. I had a friend upload some random picture and tag it with one of the key words and it did absolutely nothing. Even after taking the suggested steps to remedy the situation, the picture wasn’t censored.

So with that, the app is a joke. One star from me, not recommended, don’t waste your time. You’ll just have to manually hide all the baby pictures yourself (sucks for me, one of my FB friends just had one of those things and is posting picture after picture. Yuck!).

So now that we’ve settled that, I want to call attention to the smug “mommies” over there on Breederoo who are all up in arms about this app. Here’s an¬†excerpt¬†from the original post:

“It’s an app that uses keywords to clear your FB feed from baby pictures and replaces the pics with kittens (since everything cute on the internet right now apparently involves cats). I guess some people actually don’t want to see every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment of our baby’s lives? HATERZ!”

So, just because we don’t want to hear about your kid’s shit-filled diapers, temper tantrums, etc. nor do we want to look at baby pictures day in and day out, we’re haters. Lovely. I guess that means I can call you a hater for not wanting to see pictures from every one of my waking moments, including my countless sexual encounters and pictures of my 50+ sexual partners to date?

Also from the original post:

“I’m pretty sure my feelings would be hurt if I found out my friends unbabied me.”

All I have to say to that is GET OVER YOURSELF, BITCH!!!!! Not everyone finds your kid as cute as you do. Would you throw just as much of a tantrum if someone hid picture updates from you? What a tragedy!

And then of course one of the smug moos from the comments section had this to say:

“It’d be their loss…my kids are beautiful.”

I love how she’s stating that as absolute fact. Alas, that’s what breeders do, don’t they. Tout shit like that as absolute fact? “Children are a blessing,” “It’s different when they’re your own,” “My kids are so beautiful.” Uh, yeah, CAN IT! That’s all a matter of opinion. I personally haven’t found one single kid I’ve found to be beautiful, and that includes kid me (my god was I ever an ugly kid, one of the ugliest I’ve seen, I think).

Anyway, for all that breederific bullshit and more here’s a link to the original post over on Mooaroo if gouging your eyes out tickles your fancy:¬†

Way To Go, Mom! (End Sarcasm)

So I was checking my Facebook news feed yesterday afternoon and I came across this lovely little gem on my home page:

So apparently these days it’s perfectly acceptable for kids to act like dogs and mark their territory. When I read this I almost did a spit take. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that! What kind of mom lets their kid get away with such an obscene display, much less congratulates him for it?

I guess there are shit parents and then there are SHIT parents, and this woman is very clearly the latter. That kid is more than old enough to know better than to pull a stunt like that. He should be getting his ass busted with a belt right in full view of all bystanders, not being  congratulated!

Now, I can¬†understand such a display from a very¬†young kid who sees his dog pee on the car tires (hey, dogs do that). They think if it’s OK for the dog to do so, it must be OK for him to do so. Fine, if you’re a three-year-old! That said, even then, that’s not an act to be congratulated, that’s a time to teach that what dogs do and what people do are different, and that what a dog does is not necessarily acceptable for a person to do. But an eight-year-old? He should be well old enough to know better!

And people wonder why we CFers want establishments to ban young kids, and/or want completely childfree¬†establishments¬† Take a look at this. THIS is the reality of parenting today. A vast majority of parents today absolutely suck at the job and have no business being parents to begin with (don’t even get me started on this mother, she should be in fucking jail right now). Parents complain about brat bans but they are bringing them on themselves due to displays like this.

I have to say though, the original poster has a lot more self-restraint than I would have. I would have given that lady a piece of my mind. To put it in Joe Buck’s words: That is a DISGUSTING act by that kid and his mom, and I’m sorry innocent bystanders had to see that. That is disgusting by those two.

My “Fur Babies” (And One “Scale Baby”)

Everybody loves animal pictures, right? Some of you have been begging me to see pictures, so here you go!

First off, my canine companions. There’s Thoosa, so named for the Greek goddess of swift currents, which fits her perfectly. She’s a Whippet-German Shorthaired Pointer mix, and boy can she run. Then there’s Shiroinu, which is quite literally “white dog” in Japanese, who is a White Shepherd Dog (basically a white GSD, but since it’s not a recognized color, they made it their own breed).

Of course, one can’t forget my beloved Baby Z either. I’m currently in the process of trying to get another Doberman, but I want an all natural dog and those are hard to come by in this part of the world where the docked and cropped look is preferred by most Dobie owners/breeders. I’m 100% against docking and cropping and will not support any breeder who does it to their dogs.

Then there are my feline friends. I had three up until recently, but one of them passed away in a tragic accident due to what I suspect is mental illness. RIP my beloved Rhoswen. Alas, I have two remaining. First, there’s Midnight who is a black rumpy Manx (i.e. a tailless Manx), age 7, and then there’s Sarabi, an Abyssinian mix, age 3.

Then, as I more or less referred to him, my one “scale baby.” My slithery legless ectothermic friend. This is Ares, an Amelanistic-type corn snake (not sure what morph exactly, but some subtype of the Amel).

And that’s my little mini-zoo. I love animals. So much that I don’t eat them or any animal products. ūüėõ