Way To Go, Mom! (End Sarcasm)

So I was checking my Facebook news feed yesterday afternoon and I came across this lovely little gem on my home page:

So apparently these days it’s perfectly acceptable for kids to act like dogs and mark their territory. When I read this I almost did a spit take. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that! What kind of mom lets their kid get away with such an obscene display, much less congratulates him for it?

I guess there are shit parents and then there are SHIT parents, and this woman is very clearly the latter. That kid is more than old enough to know better than to pull a stunt like that. He should be getting his ass busted with a belt right in full view of all bystanders, not being  congratulated!

Now, I can understand such a display from a very young kid who sees his dog pee on the car tires (hey, dogs do that). They think if it’s OK for the dog to do so, it must be OK for him to do so. Fine, if you’re a three-year-old! That said, even then, that’s not an act to be congratulated, that’s a time to teach that what dogs do and what people do are different, and that what a dog does is not necessarily acceptable for a person to do. But an eight-year-old? He should be well old enough to know better!

And people wonder why we CFers want establishments to ban young kids, and/or want completely childfree establishments  Take a look at this. THIS is the reality of parenting today. A vast majority of parents today absolutely suck at the job and have no business being parents to begin with (don’t even get me started on this mother, she should be in fucking jail right now). Parents complain about brat bans but they are bringing them on themselves due to displays like this.

I have to say though, the original poster has a lot more self-restraint than I would have. I would have given that lady a piece of my mind. To put it in Joe Buck’s words: That is a DISGUSTING act by that kid and his mom, and I’m sorry innocent bystanders had to see that. That is disgusting by those two.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. Occasionally, I ask myself, “is it kids I hate, or is it the the way parents bring them up?”

    Well, I actually do dislike children; their high-pitched voices, their constant whines for attention…yadda yadda. BUT the odd time I see a parent discipling their kid or a kid being polite or whatever, I am respectful of that. A few weeks ago, I was in a bar and this brat was screeching its head off. But its father took it out until it shut up – that is rare here, and I was very pleased.

    All that said, I’m disgusted that we have to even acknowledge these incidents. They should be the norm, rather than usual events.

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