In Which I Publicly Ridicule A Stupid Breeder

Every now and then a trollish breeder decides to spread his/her filth on one of my posts. Most of those comments I don’t allow because of the sheer disrespect and just downright rudeness that spews forth. However, every now and then I will allow one (especially if it’s in reply to another commenter). However, in doing so, seeing as how this is my blog, I reserve the right to publicly ridicule him/her for his/her ridiculous content. So here we go!

On my post awhile back discussing the semantics between childless and childfree, a breeder boy by the name of Dave had this to say in reply to Robin’s comment directly above it:

What a lovely gem, eh? Sounds like a typical breeder. We’ve all heard this stupid shit time and time again, huh? So I say we break this comment down and ridicule our beloved “Dave” for all it’s worth, what do you say?

“Because for most people creating a family is more important than a beach condo.” Well, first of all lovely use of the English language. Weren’t you ever taught that it’s improper English to start a sentence with the word “because?” Terrible grammar aside, who cares what’s more important to “most people?” Most people in today’s world have absolutely no brains or rationality (case in point: most people still believe in god/gods even after science has clearly demonstrated the claims of pretty much all major religions to be false).  Besides, how many people have kids by accident? A very large percentage, and I’d be willing to bet that most people probably don’t want kids deep down and have them due to societal pressure (post about that to come later).

“I have 3 kids, a beach condo and all 3 kids will be out of the house by time I’m 44.” Sorry, but I am just not impressed. Thanks for contributing to the overpopulation problem, first of all. Second, if your last will be out of the house by the time you’re 44, that means you were 26 when you had your youngest kid! Wow, talk about breeding young and seemingly before you’re emotionally mature enough to handle crap like that! As far as that condo, how much of a loan did you have to take out for it? As someone who has a 6-figure income and is CF, I could get that and pay for it outright if I just put the cost of raising one kid away for 18 years! Never mind all the interest I’m saving. Who’s made the smarter choice here?

“If you choose not to have a family and instead have a beach condo that is your choice but do not expect anyone to aide you for it.” What the fucking fuck is that even supposed to mean? “Do not expect anyone to aide you for it?” Totally incoherent statement, but let’s try to make sense of it. So you had kids to aide you in moving into your beach condo? Or do you treat your young children like slaves and make them do chores 8 hours per day keeping the place clean? Damn, and people call us selfish for not having kids! That’s every bit as selfish as people who expect their kids to take care of them when they’re old as though their kids actually owe them something! Sorry, your kids don’t owe you jack shit, so quit acting like they do!

“Most childless/child free people only realize they want a family once they get older and become invisible to the younger crowd and it hits tem[sic] them they will never ever have a family to enjoy those years with.” Oh this is absolutely rich. The whole “you’ll change your mind one day/you’ll regret is some day” breeder bingo! I could talk about all the stories of parents who actually regret having children, but I’ll let you read them yourself by way of clicking the link. “Invisible to the younger crowd.” Guess what, bozo? As CF people that crowd is exactly who we don’t give a flying fuck about! Especially with the way they’re being raised today! These disgusting little rambunctious, ill-disciplined crotch droppings running around today are going to grow up to be disgusting, disrespectful, ill-mannered adults! Besides, who’s to say that we won’t have anyone to enjoy those years with? I bowl in two leagues per week, hit up the roller rink twice per week, among doing other things! It’s not like I’ll be void of human contact during those years. Further talking more about this, some people are not family oriented anyway (I’m definitely not). I’m perfectly content to exist in my own little bubble with my fur babies. They make better companions than people anyway. All of that, never mind how you seem to just magically know how most CF people feel in their old age. How arrogant can you get?

Well, that was fun! With that, a fair warning to all you breeder trolls out there: tread with caution, unless you want me to publicly make a spectacle out of you, because I have no qualms doing so. If you have something to add to the discussion, by all means I welcome your comment or the opposing view, so long as you’re respectful. However, once you start into this breeder bingo bullshit, it’s all over.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. I would also like to point out what appears to be a contradiction in his comment. First he mentions that all of his kids will be out of the house by the time he is 44 and then he says as we childfree get older we will not have a family to enjoy those years with.

    I feel I have a very close relationship with my family but I still only see them every once in a while now that I’ve moved out and grown up. If my parents were basing their social life and enjoyment purely on my sister and i they would be pretty lonely.

    If anything childfree adults later on in life probably have a more solid social circle because we haven’t based our social life on our kids and don’t experience the ’empty nest’ syndrome of feeling lonely once kids move out and aren’t the focus of our lives anymore.

  2. Gee! He’s so all-fired up about how important it is to ‘create a family.’ Then in the very next sentence he’s saying the kids will be out of the house by the time he’s 44. Well you know what they say- life happens while you’re making other plans. Be careful- how often are there stories in the media lately about kids not leaving home till their 20’s or 30’s; or returning home, hoping for help from mom and dad. That beach condo may end up more crowded than Dave expects or wants.

  3. I object to the statement, “Most childless/childfree people only realise they want a family when they get older.” I am 38 next week, my OH is 45. Hasn’t happened yet.

  4. Im officially in love with your blog. Spread the CF love!

  5. :), Damn, if i were Dave i would ask my 3 kids to sign a contract that they would be out by the time he is 44. In mean time he might end up selling his condo to provide food for your children, or living with not only 3 kids but with 9 grandchildren and finally be invisible when your kids but you to retirement facility so they can live in your condo :). As Dave said – life is about priorities and one of my priors is not have children!

  6. I’m sad I just now found this. Even sadder reading about the lung prognosis. You’re a funny dude. Are there any other writers out there similar to your writing CF style?

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