Singapore: Government-Sanctioned Breeding

I was reading my Xanga subscriptions the other day and came across this a couple of days ago. Talk about some over-the-top campaigning!

So here’s the scoop: Singapore’s birthrate is down significantly, like several other developed countries’ birthrates in the world today. In 2011, it was about 0.5%. If the current trend continues, it will be 0% in a couple of more years. So what does the government do? They start trying to convince its citizens that reproducing is their “civic duty.”

All I have to say is such a thing just reeks racism and/or xenophobia to me. Sure, the birthrate might be down, but if you want to repopulate the country, there are literally billions of starving children around the world that could use good homes. Why not adopt one of them? Oh but we can’t, they don’t have Singaporian (is that even the right word?) blood! We have to keep our country pure! Hmmm, sounds a bit like white supremacy groups, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Of course, that’s not the worst of it. The government just promoting breeding by words is one thing, but yes, it gets worse. The government literally pays people to have children, and not just a little bit either. We’re talking thousands of dollars! According to the report I’m about to link to, for a fifth child the parents get paid like an $18,000 US equivalent bonus for having a child! I’m sorry, but that is absolutely disgusting, and I can think of a lot better causes that kind of money could go to besides being an incentive for breeding.

That said, I think the worst part of it is the sheer narcissism being promoted by the government. Quite frankly how many societies and/or races have died out in years past? Quite a few! Guess what, the world went on. If continuing one’s race is really that important to him/her, well, that’s a really narcissistic reason to reproduce. Same thing, really, with the continuation of the human race in general. We’re going to die out eventually, which won’t be a tragic thing, but just the natural progression of life on earth. Reproducing for that reason only is, again, extremely narcissistic.

Of course, the government said they aren’t responsible for the video, nor did they necessarily approve the advertisement, but something tells me otherwise. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. With Germany raising taxes on the childless/childfree to promote breeding, I suspect many other countries will follow suit and start offering financial incentives to breed.

Whatever the case, you can read more here:


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  1. The Soviets and the NAZIs gave out medals to breeder women.

  2. The government may not be responsible for the video, and they may not have approved it. But, so what? The idea that breeding is a civic duty to the point that it prompted an AD for it…came from somewhere. I doubt that the government had no hand in that, at least. They may not have approved the ad or made it, but they put that idea out there regardless.

    I agree with you about encouraging adoption from other countries. There are lots of kids around the world that would love to have a good home. One could say that encouraging adoption based on how much money the government will give you is a bad idea, but it’s just as bad of an idea to have kids based on how much money the government will give you. And for all of the same reasons.

    As far as national/racial bloodlines go that’s a crock of shit. If they’re basing it on that, then that’s sad. Science has already proven how much shit that’s made out of. And as far as nationality goes, government policy and law considers that a crock of shit too. That’s why people can become citizens of countries they weren’t born in. I can’t think of a country that doesn’t have a law or a set of laws in place to allow someone to become a citizen of their country if they weren’t born there. And when that happens, they’re considered part of that country no matter where they came from originally or what color they are or what the shape of their nose looks like or what color their hair is or whatever other nonsense they use to decide what makes you part of one race rather than part of another. There’s no excuse for not encouraging adoption instead if they’re that worried that the current birth rate trends will continue and eventually leave their country with a nearly non-existent workforce due to an eventual lack of enough able-bodied younger people (there are some countries already starting to see things begin to move in that direction…I believe China is one of them but I could be mistaken).

    I also want to take a moment to mention that the wording of that ad, including the lyrics, are awful. That wouldn’t inspire me to have sex, that would inspire me to beat the television with a sledge hammer. It’s not too terrible to listen to once, but I can only imagine how many times that ad probably played. I can’t imagine it got any better with repetition.

    All of that being said, the government may not be directly responsible for the ad or it’s contents, but they certainly had a hand in inspiring it. Which is just as bad. It would easily solve their problem. Nationality, ethnicity, and race are not all necessarily the same things. Needing to add more people to preserve the country itself is understandable and they can easily do that by encouraging people to move to Singapore for an extended period of time or permanently and making it more easy to do so than it already is (I have no idea how lax or tight their policies and laws are on this, but I’m sure however easy it may be they could always make it easier), and encouraging people already there to adopt from outside the country. Both of these things will add to the number of people, including able-bodied workers, to the country and would get rid of any and all practical problems that would come along with a low birth rate in the country. If they WON’T do that…well then I can only conclude what you have already concluded here…they aren’t so worried about their country’s welfare as much as they’re worried about their race. In which case, it actually has nothing to do with civic duty at all.

  3. With Germany raising taxes on the childless/childfree to promote breeding, I suspect many other countries will follow suit and start offering financial incentives to breed.

    I’m actually writing a story that focuses on this tactic happening in the United States (and the underground natalist society that develops because of it).

  4. LOL whaddabout ectogenesis then raising children in crèches and boarding schools (Logan’s Run style except with human nannies and no crystal implants or killing @30)? That would also create a lot of jobs for nannies XD

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