Angry Kid Wants His M******f***ing Money Back

You know, we CFers bitch and moan about children all the time, and how badly behaved today’s kids are, and the cause for bad behavior: shit parents. Well, I saw this video the other day and I was horrified (Warning: NSFW):

Unfortunately, we see behavior like this day in and day out. And breeders wonder why we can’t stand their little crotch droppings. If kids were better behaved, perhaps we wouldn’t be so angry and in favor of brat bans and all that stuff. I don’t think it’d change the fact that we don’t want kids, but we’d be much less irritated with them.

Whatever, maybe there’s some kind of conspiracy going on for parents to make their kids as bad as possible to irritate the shit out of us. Sometimes it seems like it…



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  1. I think part of the problem is that this sort of behavior is often encouraged, whether purposely or not, by parents who think it’s cute when their kids use foul language or hand gestures, or give other people a hard time. I’ve seen parents giggle, even want to videotape the bad language or take pictures of their kids flipping people off (other kids or even adults). Things like that. This reinforces their behavior, the kids get the idea that what they’re doing is good and praiseworthy, so they think this is the proper way to act. Bad parenting doesn’t have to be the “big things” it can be the littler things too.

    Also, I’ve actually heard people say that they shouldn’t have to teach their kids right from wrong, because…that’s the school’s job. o.O; I am not kidding, I have heard a woman say this within my earshot and it did not sound like she was joking around at all. She sounded quite serious. Even the person she was talking to seemed shocked.

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