Childfreedom As “Unnatural”

Well, in the great wide world of bullshit comes another bullshit quote that I got sent directly to me via email. Yes, folks, sometimes angry breeders just send their angry comments to my email rather than leave them on whatever blog pissed them off, because they know chances are I’m not going to approve their ignorant drivel (heads up: I have to read your incoherent bullshit one way or another, even if I don’t approve it, so I don’t see why you go to the extra trouble!).

Anyway, this breeder bitch who we shall refer to as “Becky” for the purposes of this blog basically told me that she had the “right” and the “responsibility” to bash childfree people because choosing not to have children is “unnatural.” She then goes on a whole religious tirade (no surprise there, eh?) about how God designed the reproductive system for reproduction and to suppress it is to go against God’s divine nature and blah blah blah. Well, if she paid any attention to this blog, she should know that I’m an atheist bordering on antitheist and that said arguments don’t get anywhere with me, so I dismissed her religious tirade altogether. That said, saying that being childfree is “unnatural” really got me, because she (assuming she’s as good of a Christian as she claims to be) partakes in something unnatural as well.

The thing I speak of is something most people probably partake in and have never given it any second thought, but it is in fact unnatural to the human species. It’s so unnatural, in fact, that over half of marriages end in divorce. It’s something so completely contrary to the nature human beings, that infidelity/adultery is rampant across all ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and everything else. What is this thing I speak of? Monogamy, of course!

Yes, folks, whether we want to admit it or not, human beings are not really meant for monogamy. We are polyamorous by our very programming. Yet monogamy seems to be a gold standard so many shoot for and seems to be dictated as more of a “societal norm.” Regardless of what society deems “acceptable” or not, the biological fact remains that human beings are not naturally monogamous. Go figure!

So, my dear Becky, before you start arguing with me about how being childfree goes against anything and everything we are designed to do, take a look at your monogamous marriage, because what you are participating in is in fact unnatural to humans. That’s why your argument that what I do is “unnatural” fails. What was it that Jesus said about before you remove the speck in my eye, first remove the plank from yours? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Check and mate, bitch.

Go run along and play with your little sprogs now, why don’t you? And unless you want me to verbally destroy you on my blog again, I suggest you not send me any more of your religious, unscientific garbage, because I WILL do it and think nothing of it.


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  1. I love it when I get the unnatural argument, as do my gay friends when it extends to them, because it’s so laughably asinine that no one in their right mind can take it seriously. Everything is modern Western life is unnatural! TVs. Buildings. Cars. Blah blah. Yeah, they’re made of natural materials ultimately – but those materials are fashioned by humans into what humans want them to be.

    So a body that doesn’t procreate is still a natural thing; we’re just making it into what we want it to be for ourselves. That thing called “autonomy” that the religious so frequently refuse to understand.

    I’m assuming Becky condemns those who are childless through no choice of their own as well as the childfree. I mean, that genius god of her’s could have made such people reproductively bountiful, and it didn’t…they must be bad, unnatural people to deserve the to be in a similar demographic to us heathens, right?

    And just what the fuck is it to other people and god(s) what you choose to do with your reproductive system? Nosy bastards.

  2. Well, it’s certainly her right to bash the childfree if she wants to. There’s nothing in the law that says you’re not allowed to be an ignorant asshole or a bigot. But, responsibility? Lol, that’s hilarious. Sounds like a busybody to me, the type of person who sits outside all day and stares at other people in the neighborhood because it’s her responsibility to know what every one of her neighbors are doing at all hours of the day and night so that she can be sure to spread any information about what Jim across the street or Nancy next door or Darren in the corner house are doing that perhaps she doesn’t think they should be.

    I actually hope that this woman e-mails you again!! I loved this. :p

  3. Nature gave us a brain that uses logic….logic told CF people that “having kids sucks”…..therefore, making the decision to be CF is natural, ha

  4. If we’re arguing for the “natural” (i.e. evolved) state of relationships, we SHOULD be talking about polyamory in the form of serial monogamy. Humans ARE evolved to be monogamous…just not for a lifetime.

    • I think even that’s arguable. I know several people (myself included) who are not sexually satisfied with one sexual partner at a time (to me that’s incredibly boring). The point of this being that humans do a lot of things that are unnatural, monogamy included, so that’s a poor argument against being childfree.

  5. So, if Becky practices what she preaches, she will only have sex when she knows that she is fertile, and will never have sex when she knows that she is infertile. So, no sex for her when she’s pregnant, no sex for her once she begins menopause, and otherwise no sex for her for about 90% of each month.

    And, assuming she believes that Jesus did not have children, she should be just as critical of his life as she is of yours.

    In any event, if something exists then it is natural. If something exists, then that something fits within natural laws. Something can only be unnatural if it’s impossible. If “God” or “nature” did not want anyone to be childfree, then no one would be childfree.

  6. Invitro & other means of artificial fertility is more unnatural than not having a child. A lot of times pregnancies and births that are a result of these means are usually difficult and there is more likelihood of there being complications. Multiple births are also common. Humans aren’t meant to have litters.

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