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(Not So?) Happy Halloween

Ugh, this is probably the worst day of the year to be childfree. Little snotty-nosed kids (and sometimes their parents!) dressed up in stupid costumes going door-to-door asking for tooth-rotting, pound-packing goodies. Ugh, gag me with a spoon!

So what do you CFers do on this dreaded night? I know what I do, I don’t buy candy, I lock the door, I turn out the porch light and don’t answer the door. Of course, the dimmed porch light is assumed to be the universal “don’t come knocking on my door” sign, but some people don’t heed it and it annoys the shit out of me.

I don’t know, maybe I’m in the minority here and you all enjoy it. I know I don’t, though.

So what do you guys do on this night?


Doug Stanhope on Breeders and Abortion

Just a little humor for you today. This is hilarious and totally politically incorrect, but if you think about it, oh-so-true.

The Benefits of Human Extinction

I’ve been a supporter of human extinction for almost as long as I’ve been childfree. The fact of the matter is that human beings are, without a doubt, the most useless species on the face of the planet. There is absolutely no point to our pathetic existence. We serve absolutely no ecological, biological, or other purpose and our existence on this planet is completely and totally frivolous.

The benefits of human extinction are twofold. One is for the rest of the planet and all the creatures and life forms in it, the other is, ironically, for humans themselves.

Starting with the rest of this planet, there’s no denying that we are a destructive species. We cut down rainforests for housing, decorative pieces, musical instruments, among a whole host of other things. This, of course, also destroys the natural habitats of countless life forms so they all suffer and die out. We burn fossil fuels at an unsustainable rate, all while polluting the air plants and animals breathe with our toxic fumes. We take advantage of other sentient beings for food, by killing them and raising them for slaughter (when they would have never been born otherwise, which would have naturally benefitted them). All of this in addition to the fact that, as mentioned, we’ve removed ourselves from the web of life and no longer play a role in any sort of ecosystem. Put it plainly: we’re destroying the world and all the creatures in it. I’m sure they and mother earth would like nothing more than to be rid of us.

Then, there are the benefits of our own extinction to ourselves. Yes, we would indeed benefit from our own extinction. Going back to David Benatar’s irrefutable argument that it is immoral to procreate because procreating causes all the suffering in that person’s life, and to cause another person to suffer is morally wrong (and therefore procreation is morally wrong), it becomes clear why this would be the case. The only way to completely and totally end human suffering is for the human race to go extinct, as all human beings suffer at some point in their lives at the very least (and others their life is nothing but suffering). As long as the human race exists, there will be human suffering, and breeding just continues the long line of suffering that humans have endured since we evolved millions of years ago. Human suffering is a result of, unfortunately, or superior reasoning capability. Sad, but oh-so-true. We’ve become victims of our own intelligence.

It is for these reasons the best possible thing that could happen to us is to die out. We obviously can’t prevent our own existence, but we have the moral obligation and responsibility to prevent the existence of future human beings and to just bow out of this world. We serve no purpose, we’re detrimental to the environment, and as long as we’re on this planet we’re going to suffer. Human extinction is the only solution to all of these what seem like insoluble problems. That’s the bottom line.

Childfree Misconceptions #2: We All Hate Children

If I had a centavo for every time I heard someone say “them childfree people just hate children,” I’d be sitting on a few thousands of pesos. Seriously, this may very well be (by far, I might add) the single most common misconception people have about the childfree. Unlike the previous one though, I can kind of understand why people would have this misconception, as it seems the most vocal of childfree people do indeed have some disdain for children.

It is in fact true that there are probably a handful (well, probably even more than a handful) of childfree people who hate children. I’ll openly admit I’m not particularly fond of them myself, and I do go out of my way to minimize my exposure to children as much as I possibly can, but not all childfree people are that way. I can tolerate well-behaved children to a degree, but even they start to grate me after awhile, admittedly.

Most childfree adults I know have siblings who have children, and they make fine aunts and uncles. They enjoy the company of their nieces and nephews, do fun things with them and all that jazz, but at the end of the day they are more than happy to just hand them back to their parents.

Further, I know several childfree people who are in professions such as teaching and social work and for whatever reason enjoy that type of work. I don’t think they’d have chosen those career paths if they hated children, do you?

As always, the only thing that’s common to all childfree people is the lack of desire to be a parent. From there, we’re as different as the people within any other group. Our reasons are different, and for god’s sake please stop saying we all hate children. Again, that’s true of some of us, but is definitely not true of all of us.

Raise Your Kids On Your Own Dime

You know, if it’s one thing that pisses me off even more than unruly crotch droppings, it’s the fact that governments worldwide give monetary incentives for people to have children. Or, to put it another way, us childfree people wind up paying to raise other people’s little sprogs.

In the United States, Mexico, and most other countries, people are given tax credits for each child they have, the supposed reasoning being that children are expensive. Well, we already knew that, but I thought that was part of the sacrifice you made when you became a parent? Oh wait, I forgot, you’re a parent so every one should bow down to you because you were able to fuck and produce a little miniature human though a completely natural, unmiraculous bodily function! Yeah, I’m not worthy, Mr./Ms. super parent!

Of course, there are places it’s worse than that. Germany recently raised their income tax rate on childless/childfree people (and only on them) to try to promote breeding, and Singapore is offering huge financial incentives for people to have children (we’re talking cash bonuses from the Singaporean government in the amounts of tens of thousands of US equivalent dollars, and that’s per child). Yeah, what kind of fucked up shit is that?

That’s not what gets my goat the most, though. What makes me even madder than tax incentives are welfare benefits. Just no. If you can’t afford to raise a child you have 100% absolutely no business having children. Period, end of story; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you can’t afford to raise a kid, the only incentives you should be getting are reduced-cost abortion and contraception (including sterilization), quite frankly. It’s a lot cheaper for us taxpayers than paying for your welfare handouts for you to raise your welfare babies who will more than likely go on to produce more welfare babies and continue the cycle.

God that shit pisses me off. Your kids are YOUR responsibility, not mine. Raise them with your own goddamn money or don’t have kids at all, you fucking breeder assholes.

End rant.

Children As An Insurance Policy

The wide-scale attack on childfree people continues, and I saw a lovely little gem as to why childfree people will regret their decision because they’ll have nobody to look after them when they’re old (Link). Here’s a lovely little quote from that gem:

“[W]hat will become of those … folks when decrepitude inevitably creeps in; when they age, as we all inevitably do, and the children they chose not to have aren’t around to look after them?”

Yeah, isn’t that nice? Well, the problem with this is twofold. Let’s take a look at both problems with that here.

1) Once again, we see why having children is a more selfish choice than not having children. This just goes to show that (most) parents seem to think their kids actually owe them something for bringing them into this world. Well, let me put it to you in very simple terms so you understand: YOUR CHILDREN DON’T OWE YOU JACK SHIT!!!! Just because you shot the sperm to create them and/or popped them out does not mean they owe you anything for said deed. You might be responsible for their existence, but they are definitely NOT responsible for your continued existence. The only person responsible for that is you, and the only people whose continued existence your children are responsible for are themselves. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

2) This article assumes that your kids will even be around to care for you in your old age, which actually is the exception rather than the norm. All to often one’s children are happy to throw them in the nursing home and forget about them, going on living their lives. There’s also the case of the children pre-deceasing the parents, which isn’t as uncommon as you’d like to think (car accidents, suicide, medical issues). There’s also the possibility of your kids disowning you (or vice versa) and then you’ll be SOL. If any of this happens you’re back to square one anyway.

So, if you’re having children as an insurance policy so you’ll have someone to wipe your ass when you’re older, think twice, because it won’t necessarily be the case, and it’s more likely to not be the case than it is to be the case. Reality sucks, doesn’t it?

10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Kids

So I did a post awhile back of 10 reasons why cats are better than kids. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to own dogs too, I can do a post about the virtues of dogs over kids, so here then are my top 10 reasons why dogs are better than kids!

1) Dogs are so easy to please. They don’t care about the latest action figures or Barbie dolls, fancy dining, or anything. As long as they have a couple of chew toys, food in their bowls, and you to play with, every day is  the best day they’ve ever had. Kids? Well, they whine and cry and beg for all the latest and greatest stuff, and if you don’t give in, you’re the enemy and if you do give in, there goes more of your hard-earned money to the toy cartels. 😛

2) The absolute, complete, and total unconditional love a dog shows his/her master just simply cannot come from a kid or any human being for that matter. Your kids love you conditionally, and may even grow to not love you anymore, and will at the very least hate you temporarily at times. A dog will never stop loving you, not even temporarily, so long as you meet his/her simple needs.

3) A dog’s loyalty can’t be touched by a kid or any other human being. Seriously. If humans (not just kids, but humans in general) were as loyal to each other as a dog is to his/her master, this world would be a much better place.

4) Housebreaking a puppy takes only a few weeks, if it’s even necessary to do so (several dogs I’ve seen have virtually housebroken themselves). At the very worst, the wetting/soiling stage lasts only a few months, vs. a minimum of two years from a human baby.

5) Dogs are, for the most part, less expensive than children. The occasional dog may run up high vet bills, but an otherwise healthy dog isn’t that expensive to take care of, even feeding them the highest quality food available (which is what you should be doing, even if it costs more).

6) Dogs don’t throw temper tantrums.

7) Puppy barks? Cute as a button. Baby cries? Annoying as shit.

8) Ever heard of a “guard kid?” Yeah, me neither.

9) Need some alone time? Give your dog a bone or a bully stick or something and let him/her chew away, and get your alone time. No matter what you give a kid, they’re always bothering you 10 seconds later. They just don’t understand the concept of “leave me alone.”

10) Want a night out with just you and/or you and a special someone? You can leave your dog at home by him/herself for awhile and it’ll be OK. No worrying about finding a babysitter. Can’t do that with a kid.

So there’s my list. Dog lovers, care to add to it?

A “Must Read” Childfree Themed Book

After one of my semi-regular commenters suggested this title, I picked up the Kindle version of the book and took my sweet bippy time reading it and really trying to digest it. It’s become one of my favorite books of all time.

All of my readers need to check out David Benatar’s excellent book Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence. Concerning breeding and morality, this book is the absolute gold standard and provides an absolutely irrefutable argument as to why having children is morally wrong. In brief, here’s the argument:

*It is morally wrong to cause another sentient being harm and/or to suffer.

*Bringing a child (who is a sentient being) into this world is to cause all the harm and suffering in that child’s life.

*The act of procreation is the act of bringing a child into this world.

*Therefore, procreation is morally wrong.

As far as some of my favorite quotes from the book, here are a couple:

“Each one of us was harmed by being brought into existence. That harm is not negligible, because the quality of even the best lives is very bad—and considerably worse than most people recognize it to be. Although it is obviously too late to prevent our own existence, it is not too late to prevent the existence of future possible people.”

“It is unlikely that many people will take to heart the conclusion that coming into existence is always a harm. It is even less likely that many people will stop having children. By contrast, it is quite likely that my views either will be ignored or will be dismissed. As this response will account for a great deal of suffering between now and the demise of humanity, it cannot plausibly be thought of as philanthropic. That is not to say that it is motivated by any malice towards humans, but it does result from a self-deceptive indifference to the harm of coming into existence.”

“As we have seen, nobody is lucky enough not to be born, everybody is unlucky enough to have been born – and particularly bad luck it is.”

“We infrequently contemplate the harms that await any new-born child—pain, disappointment, anxiety, grief, and death. For any given child we cannot predict what form these harms will take or how severe they will be, but we can be sure that at least some of them will occur. None of this befalls the nonexistent. Only existers suffer harm.”

You can buy the book (either hard copy or Kindle version) on Amazon here: