Children As An Insurance Policy

The wide-scale attack on childfree people continues, and I saw a lovely little gem as to why childfree people will regret their decision because they’ll have nobody to look after them when they’re old (Link). Here’s a lovely little quote from that gem:

“[W]hat will become of those … folks when decrepitude inevitably creeps in; when they age, as we all inevitably do, and the children they chose not to have aren’t around to look after them?”

Yeah, isn’t that nice? Well, the problem with this is twofold. Let’s take a look at both problems with that here.

1) Once again, we see why having children is a more selfish choice than not having children. This just goes to show that (most) parents seem to think their kids actually owe them something for bringing them into this world. Well, let me put it to you in very simple terms so you understand: YOUR CHILDREN DON’T OWE YOU JACK SHIT!!!! Just because you shot the sperm to create them and/or popped them out does not mean they owe you anything for said deed. You might be responsible for their existence, but they are definitely NOT responsible for your continued existence. The only person responsible for that is you, and the only people whose continued existence your children are responsible for are themselves. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

2) This article assumes that your kids will even be around to care for you in your old age, which actually is the exception rather than the norm. All to often one’s children are happy to throw them in the nursing home and forget about them, going on living their lives. There’s also the case of the children pre-deceasing the parents, which isn’t as uncommon as you’d like to think (car accidents, suicide, medical issues). There’s also the possibility of your kids disowning you (or vice versa) and then you’ll be SOL. If any of this happens you’re back to square one anyway.

So, if you’re having children as an insurance policy so you’ll have someone to wipe your ass when you’re older, think twice, because it won’t necessarily be the case, and it’s more likely to not be the case than it is to be the case. Reality sucks, doesn’t it?


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  1. We don’t owe them anything, especially worthless grandkids

  2. I believe something in the Bible says that a man should know when to leave his parents and to “cleave onto his wife” or something like that. In other words, when kids are grown up and leaving the house, they’re not responsible for babysitting their parents. I don’t give a damn what the parents had to do to raise their kids, the kids are grown up now and can have their own life, and the parents should be proud that they raised their kids to be sufficient enough to do so. If your kids are 30 years old and still living with you, I think you did something wrong.

  3. I had this question (who’s going to take care of you when you’re older) posed to me when I snorted at this pregnant lady who was pushing a stroller. I responded by saying that I don’t know when I’m going to die and I just couldn’t be bothered with having or raising some else.

    But he really shouldn’t have bothered you with his life story. As if anyone really cares why he decided to procreate. Parents think they’re so damn special!

  4. Here is another one. You need kids to continue your bloodline.

  5. I wouldn’t give a shit if my bloodline continues or not. I have three other brothers with the same last name. Let THEM try to continue the family name, if they choose to do so. People think that they need some kind of legacy to continue on beyond their death, but if I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t really think twice or care about my “lack of a legacy” or not. If you live a good life, kids or no kids, it really doesn’t matter.

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