Raise Your Kids On Your Own Dime

You know, if it’s one thing that pisses me off even more than unruly crotch droppings, it’s the fact that governments worldwide give monetary incentives for people to have children. Or, to put it another way, us childfree people wind up paying to raise other people’s little sprogs.

In the United States, Mexico, and most other countries, people are given tax credits for each child they have, the supposed reasoning being that children are expensive. Well, we already knew that, but I thought that was part of the sacrifice you made when you became a parent? Oh wait, I forgot, you’re a parent so every one should bow down to you because you were able to fuck and produce a little miniature human though a completely natural, unmiraculous bodily function! Yeah, I’m not worthy, Mr./Ms. super parent!

Of course, there are places it’s worse than that. Germany recently raised their income tax rate on childless/childfree people (and only on them) to try to promote breeding, and Singapore is offering huge financial incentives for people to have children (we’re talking cash bonuses from the Singaporean government in the amounts of tens of thousands of US equivalent dollars, and that’s per child). Yeah, what kind of fucked up shit is that?

That’s not what gets my goat the most, though. What makes me even madder than tax incentives are welfare benefits. Just no. If you can’t afford to raise a child you have 100% absolutely no business having children. Period, end of story; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you can’t afford to raise a kid, the only incentives you should be getting are reduced-cost abortion and contraception (including sterilization), quite frankly. It’s a lot cheaper for us taxpayers than paying for your welfare handouts for you to raise your welfare babies who will more than likely go on to produce more welfare babies and continue the cycle.

God that shit pisses me off. Your kids are YOUR responsibility, not mine. Raise them with your own goddamn money or don’t have kids at all, you fucking breeder assholes.

End rant.


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  1. Whilst I don’t think people should be *rewarded* for having children, I think all circumstances are different.
    My best friend had a planned baby with her fiancee. When the baby was born, they didn’t claim things they were entitled to (such as family allowance) as they felt they didn’t need it. They were looking at buying their home (they were renting it at the time), getting life insurance etc etc, when he was diagnosed with cancer when the baby was 3 months old. He died 3 months later, when the baby was 6 months old. He was just 32.
    They weren’t rich, but she went from having a steady income (from his wages and her maternity pay), to nothing. Literally her maternity pay was all she got, and she got minimum wage.
    They waited til they could afford it, the baby was planned, but tragedy struck. She then *needed* that extra support from the state. Imagine trying to raise a baby on your own with no money and grieving for your partner?

    I just think we are often quick to judge people when we don’t know their circumstances. I’m not saying everyone is in this circumstance and I do think we reward people too much for what amounts to biology, but every circumstance is different.

    Incidentally, she has raised a boy, who is 7 yrs old now, and is the politest, kindest, loveliest young man you could meet. Why can’t people with TWO partners do this?

  2. I can only say, I totally agree.

  3. Grr, don’t fucking start me. Oh, wait – you already have 😉

    Here in the UK, there’s a massive reform of the welfare system. I actually disagree with this, for various reasons. But some of the biggest opponents are parents and parents’ charities. Even well-off parents are whining because their child benefit is being cut.

    Sorry, but screw that. You don my have to breed; you choose to. If you can’t afford it, don’t fucking have kids. Simple.

    I haven’t chosen to have a severe illness that, despite my qualifications and work experience, stops me from working at present. You did choose to have children.

    The counter argument is that the kid itself did not choose to come into the world, and I accept that. But if parents weren’t afforded (at least to date) such an easy ride, maybe they’d have the courtesy – to both their potential offspring and to society – to at least wait until they were financially stable enough to bring the sprogs up with their own means.

    China have the right of it, in my view.

  4. Well in Estonia they are considering special tax for CF people…like we had when we were part of soviet union! So i ask where are the human rights in that stand? Oh yes, there is no such thing because there is only 1,3 mln of us and we are predicted to extinct so we HAVE TO BREED!
    The moment they legalize that is the second i will buy one way ticket out of here!

  5. Historically, as early as in ancient Rome, governments promoted breeding because they think about people in the same way as farmers think about cattle. They need people to send them to war, to tax, to work in a field etc. As of today, nothing has changed – more people means more wage slaves to pay taxes. Not only breeders can claim tax deductions, but they also get free eduction and child care for the brats. In a place I live, I pay school tax.I think it would be fair for everyone who wants to have kids to post a cash deposit for their education.More children means more jobs for bureaucrats(=parasites) that maintain school system, health care etc

  6. I agree with Mark. If anything, people who decide to have kids (yes it is a choice whether the child is wanted or not) should pay more taxes since they are producing those who can’t contribute to soceity but rather take and take from it. Why should CF people be forced to pay for something that we aren’t responsible for? Now if a CF wants to volunteer to give money and or services to child related causes, no problem, at least it’s consensual. CF people should be the ones who get tax credits for not cluttering up soceity with another mouth to feed.

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