Childfree Misconceptions #2: We All Hate Children

If I had a centavo for every time I heard someone say “them childfree people just hate children,” I’d be sitting on a few thousands of pesos. Seriously, this may very well be (by far, I might add) the single most common misconception people have about the childfree. Unlike the previous one though, I can kind of understand why people would have this misconception, as it seems the most vocal of childfree people do indeed have some disdain for children.

It is in fact true that there are probably a handful (well, probably even more than a handful) of childfree people who hate children. I’ll openly admit I’m not particularly fond of them myself, and I do go out of my way to minimize my exposure to children as much as I possibly can, but not all childfree people are that way. I can tolerate well-behaved children to a degree, but even they start to grate me after awhile, admittedly.

Most childfree adults I know have siblings who have children, and they make fine aunts and uncles. They enjoy the company of their nieces and nephews, do fun things with them and all that jazz, but at the end of the day they are more than happy to just hand them back to their parents.

Further, I know several childfree people who are in professions such as teaching and social work and for whatever reason enjoy that type of work. I don’t think they’d have chosen those career paths if they hated children, do you?

As always, the only thing that’s common to all childfree people is the lack of desire to be a parent. From there, we’re as different as the people within any other group. Our reasons are different, and for god’s sake please stop saying we all hate children. Again, that’s true of some of us, but is definitely not true of all of us.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. I also think that sometimes childfree people say that they hate children, even if they don’t, in order to get family members and friends (and even strangers and acquaintances) off of their backs about how “oh it’s different with your own kids, you should have at least one, you’ll miss out if you don’t and regret it later.” If you say that you HATE children, not just dislike children, then people are more likely to NOT suggest you have your own. I can definitely understand the temptation to say that you hate children even if you don’t when faced with idiots who keep doing this, either because they actually think they’re helping or because they just want to be jerks and needle at you about your childfree status.

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