The Benefits of Human Extinction

I’ve been a supporter of human extinction for almost as long as I’ve been childfree. The fact of the matter is that human beings are, without a doubt, the most useless species on the face of the planet. There is absolutely no point to our pathetic existence. We serve absolutely no ecological, biological, or other purpose and our existence on this planet is completely and totally frivolous.

The benefits of human extinction are twofold. One is for the rest of the planet and all the creatures and life forms in it, the other is, ironically, for humans themselves.

Starting with the rest of this planet, there’s no denying that we are a destructive species. We cut down rainforests for housing, decorative pieces, musical instruments, among a whole host of other things. This, of course, also destroys the natural habitats of countless life forms so they all suffer and die out. We burn fossil fuels at an unsustainable rate, all while polluting the air plants and animals breathe with our toxic fumes. We take advantage of other sentient beings for food, by killing them and raising them for slaughter (when they would have never been born otherwise, which would have naturally benefitted them). All of this in addition to the fact that, as mentioned, we’ve removed ourselves from the web of life and no longer play a role in any sort of ecosystem. Put it plainly: we’re destroying the world and all the creatures in it. I’m sure they and mother earth would like nothing more than to be rid of us.

Then, there are the benefits of our own extinction to ourselves. Yes, we would indeed benefit from our own extinction. Going back to David Benatar’s irrefutable argument that it is immoral to procreate because procreating causes all the suffering in that person’s life, and to cause another person to suffer is morally wrong (and therefore procreation is morally wrong), it becomes clear why this would be the case. The only way to completely and totally end human suffering is for the human race to go extinct, as all human beings suffer at some point in their lives at the very least (and others their life is nothing but suffering). As long as the human race exists, there will be human suffering, and breeding just continues the long line of suffering that humans have endured since we evolved millions of years ago. Human suffering is a result of, unfortunately, or superior reasoning capability. Sad, but oh-so-true. We’ve become victims of our own intelligence.

It is for these reasons the best possible thing that could happen to us is to die out. We obviously can’t prevent our own existence, but we have the moral obligation and responsibility to prevent the existence of future human beings and to just bow out of this world. We serve no purpose, we’re detrimental to the environment, and as long as we’re on this planet we’re going to suffer. Human extinction is the only solution to all of these what seem like insoluble problems. That’s the bottom line.


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  1. Isn’t there a mini series or something somewhere about just this sort of thing? Humanity dying out, going extinct, and then what would happen to the planet after we’re gone and stuff? I’m pretty sure there is. I don’t know how good it is or anything, though. This just sort of reminded me of it because quite a good portion of what you wrote went through my mind when I heard about it.

  2. brilliant post,i couldn’t hurt another person like that and i cant imagine if my child suffered at the hand of some one else. you just never know what people will do. if someone doesn’t exist they cant feel the pain.

  3. I completely agree with your statement about how human extinction will end suffering. Humans will no longer have to suffer the pain of life.

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