Doug Stanhope on Breeders and Abortion

Just a little humor for you today. This is hilarious and totally politically incorrect, but if you think about it, oh-so-true.


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Posted on October 26, 2012, in Childfree, Humor, Science. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I’ve seen this before, it’s brilliant!! I bet he gets lots of hate-mail……for telling the truth.

  2. This was laugh out loud hilarious! It’s too bad that no one will listen. I’m just thankful that within my lifetime I’ll be able to enjoy fresh water, fish, visiting real lions, tigers, elephants and other animals that will be extinct in the next hundred years due to poaching and other human interactions.

    It’s truly sad that very very few people actually care about the environment. We only have one earth and we’re not taking care of it.

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