Dear Media: Stop Glorifying Pregnancy

Has anyone noticed this other than me? How the media just seems to glorify pregnancy and worship pregnant celebrities, regardless of how vile said celebrities are? I mean, it’s like they give them a goddess-like status. Well, quite frankly I’m tired of it.

First it was shows like 16 and pregnant, John & Kate Plus 8, 19 Kids and Counting, and other BS shows like that, then it evolved into birthing shows and stupid shit of that sort, and now it’s made its way to fucking game shows. In the US, The Price is Right currently has two pregnant models and host Drew Carey does everything in his power to absolutely worship and adore the pregnant models on that show. It’s disgusting in every way, shape, and form.

Yes, you read that right, I said it was disgusting, and there are two reasons for this. First of all, it gives girls the impression that pregnancy is glamorous and that they need to hurry up and get pregnant because it’s the thing to do. You want to see teen pregnancy plummet? The media is the place to start. If it wasn’t for their glorifying pregnancy we wouldn’t have near the problem with teen pregnancy as we do today. Second there’s the issue of reproducing biologically when there are millions of kids out there who need a home. If anyone can afford the expensive legal adoption process, it’s celebs, but instead of doing that they just have to produce a little me. It’s ridiculous.

No, we should be doing just the opposite to pregnant celebrities. The media should be treating them with contempt instead of reverence. They need to be called out for the narcissistic, selfish bitches they are. The pregnant TPIR models need to be fucking fired. Like I said, they’re in a perfect position to give already born children actually very good lives, yet they choose not to do that. Further, we should be making a mockery out of them so that these young, unmarried girls get the impression that that’s what will happen to them if they get pregnant (well, it already does, so it would be an accurate thing to do) and maybe, just maybe it will deter them. Sometimes public humiliation has its place.

Now, this is not to say that women should get all the blame. We should be totally trashing the men who got them pregnant too. Most male celebrities are scum anyway, so we already kind of give them a bad name, but the baby daddies need to feel the wrath of the media too, for many of the same reasons the pregnant celebrities do. As it is, celebrity daddies are given a god-like status for equally crappy reasons. The media glorifies fatherhood just as much as it glorifies motherhood and pregnancy, and that’s just crappy as well.

The bottom line is that when the media glorifies pregnancy (and fatherhood), the young, impressionable, and very horny teenagers think it’s the thing to do and will make babies. If it was treated with contempt maybe things would be different. Shame on you, media.


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  1. Oh, thank God you wrote this. I really thought that my partner and I were the only people on the planet that thought this.

    It absolutely fucking sickens me, especially – as you say – when there’s hundreds of thousands of children suffering in care. Selfish bastards.

    As usual, you’re right on the money.

  2. I don’t it’s that easy to fire someone for being pregnant. I also don’t think I’d agree with firing them just for being pregnant. I don’t have a problem with the media showing pregnant women, what I have a problem with is the way that they treat the pregnancy status. The fact that the woman is pregnant, along with every single little thing about her pregnancy is put up on display and screamed about as loudly and as long as possible. You can’t get away from it. These women can’t just BE pregnant and have their status as pregnant be ignored like any other fact of life and bodily function is ignored.

    Like with the models you were talking about. I don’t think they need to be fired, but does the host really need to pay special attention to the fact that their pregnant? No, he doesn’t. Does the show need to ensure that the camera men train their cameras on the pregnant models more often than they would if the models weren’t pregnant? No, of course not.

    Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of really good television shows get ruined because an actress gets pregnant and they decide, bizarrely, to write it into the show. There are ways to continue the show, even if the main female character is pregnant, without making a big deal out of the pregnancy AND without writing it into the show. As well as doing the same for supporting actresses who get pregnant.

    On The Nanny, the actress who played CiCi (I may be misspelling her name) got pregnant. Instead of writing it into the show, they placed the actress so that she would be in front of something. After a while, it became a running gag on the show for the duration of the pregnancy and it was actually really funny. On Frasier, the actress who plays Daphne got pregnant. Instead of writing it into the show, the characters just mentioned that she’d gained weight. Recently, on The Mentalist the actress who plays Grace Van Pelt got pregnant and instead of writing it into the show it is totally ignored and she spends her time in front of a desk, table or strategically placed in front of something.

    Nobody is fooled, people were aware of the pregnancies when they happened but it allows the show to progress without having to deal with writers adding in a pregnancy that wasn’t actually meant to happen (ever, in most cases) and doing such a spectacularly horrible job of it that they ruin a great show (Bones comes to mind, but maybe that’s just me).

    As for celebs on magazines and in interviews, all I ever hear about them is speculation about whether they’re pregnant or not. And once it’s confirmed one of them IS pregnant, then all we ever hear is talk about the pregnancy. And all we ever hear after she pops the kid is stupid nonsense about the child and parenting. Did we really need to know about Nicole Kidman’s interest in her own placenta? And wasn’t there another actress who not too long ago during an interview mentioned how she loved the scent of her baby’s poop? Do we need to know that? No. We don’t.

    I do agree that the way the media glorifies pregnancy and motherhood (as well as fatherhood in a lot of cases) is ridiculous and probably damaging. We ARE hearing about it more and more where young kids purposely try to get pregnant, because they think it’s glamorous, that they’ll get more attention, they think it’s the ultimate way to show their boyfriend of the week they love them, or any number of ridiculous things that you easily hear repeated by characters on television shows, in movies, or by actors and actresses themselves in magazines or in interviews.

    However, I don’t think that the teen pregnancy problem would be very much curbed at all by making pregnant celebs invisible, or by humiliating them. Even though a lot more kids than before are purposely getting pregnant, the VAST majority of them who get pregnant are ending up that way because of little or no access to proper birth control and the avoidance of proper sex education in public schools.

    People don’t like the idea that kids have sex with each other, but humiliating them, threatening punishment, withholding proper sex ed and restricting or cutting off access to birth control is NOT going to stop them from having sex. All it ensures is that they’ll be even more likely to get pregnant when they DO have sex because they don’t have an environment in which they can talk about it to anybody, they’re ignorant of the ways to protect themselves, and even if they are properly educated they still need access to the protection.

    I doubt that shaming celebs who get pregnant, the men who get them pregnant, and/or making them invisible is going to do much good to curb the teen and child pregnancy rates.

    That doesn’t mean that they need to be making it worse, though, by putting pregnant women and mothers, celebrities or not, up on pedestals and that’s what they’re doing. And that needs to stop. It’s annoying, it’s disgusting, and it’s demeaning in it’s own way. And it isn’t helping anybody.

    Also, I definitely agree that there are lots of kids who need adopting but who probably will spend their whole childhood in the system until they age out at 18 because people want to have their own kids, pay for IVF or pay for a surrogate and sperm/egg donation. Or who ONLY adopt babies for whatever reason. Often it’s to say the child is their own and they had it themselves, but there are lots of people who adopt babies who are obviously not their own so I dunno what the point of adopting a baby in that respect is.

    And it’s not that I don’t want babies to be adopted. It’s just that the fact that most people who adopt are looking for babies is one of the big reasons that so many older kids don’t get adopted and spend their whole childhood in the system.

    Another thing that irritates me is that we have LOTS of kids waiting to be adopted right here, but for some reason a lot of people adopt from other countries. Most of the time when I’ve heard about somebody adopting, it’s a child from Romania or China or Africa. And that’s great for that kid, but what about children right here who need loving homes, too? I guess they don’t count.

    And don’t get me started on how kids with the slightest bit of a behavior problem often get sent back. I mean, whoever thought parenting might be difficult right? And I mean, why would anyone think that a kid who has been in the system for a while and possibly been abused or neglected either in the system or before they got there (the nature of the system itself and the fact that it’s overcrowded as it is makes it easy for lots and lots of kids to fall through the cracks, and a lot of foster parents are overwhelmed by the amount of kids in their house at any given time) might be upset and have a few behavioral, disciplinary and/or trust issues? Shocking, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. But, apparently a lot of people think so.

    • I agree with you about adoption. Although I work with kids who have behavioral issues and would rather die painfully than have to live with one, I don’t see why babies are the ones people want to adopt. Infants are nightmares. Plus you don’t know their personality yet, and it’s naive to assume the parents 100% shape the identities of their kids. Case in point: I have a cousin who adopted two (non-related) boys from South America as infants. Raised the same way: one is a computer engineer, the other one has been in and out of jail for violent assaults and is rarely employed. At least by adopting maybe a 4-year old you can see what the kid’s personality is like first.

  3. I agree with you, though firing people for being pregnant is explicitly illegal in the United States, which is stupid. Pregnancy is voluntary and therefore not valid as a disability. However, the media as always is a caricature of our society’s degeneration, rather than a model of moral decency (as it should be). Sad.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m sick to death of pregnant women being treated like fucking Medal of Honor recipients just because they’re doing what millions before them have done for generations. As far as shows go, how about My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I? That’s double the glorification factor right there. And pardon me for saying this, but if these wacky religious types would stay out of schools’ curricula, we might be able to give more kids access to birth control and better sex ed. Of course, teens are also just as caught up in the whole societal ‘life script’ of career, marriage and family as everyone else is. If we had better sex ed, access to birth control (which I don’t believe parents need to give their consent for, btw), and tell these kids that parenthood is a CHOICE, not something that just happens, things might turn around.

  5. I suppose pregnancy and parenthood could be glorious and wonderful. Stranger things have happened. I say give the public the full spectrum, though — not just the glow, but the backaches, incontinence, stretch marks, scabby nipples from breastfeeding, the whole thing.

    Unless you’re going through IVF treatments, getting pregnant is NOT a great achievement. It requires no skill whatsoever. You can get pregnant when you’re in a coma. Anything you can get when you are passed out drunk is not a product of skill or ability.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I recently experienced my boyfriends family saying that I am not good enough for him because I can not conceive a baby. This is comming from his sister that has an accident baby from a drunken night with a guy that was just a friends with benefits! Of course in true trash form she is trying to trap this poor guy to be with her now! I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years and we have taken care of all of these losers financially for years and now because I can’t produce a child, I appearantly have no value! Something has to be done about these breeders that treat their vagina like clown cars and are glorified for it! It makes me sick!

  7. Great article. I thought I was the only one who felt like this !! Women have started using pregnancy to revamp a dead career too! People actually make non mothers feel bad and rule out adoption completely. I think sensitive journalism should be in.

  8. Yes, thank you! I’m a female, but I’m sick of people treating pregnant women like someone so important. It’s not an achievement, ok. It’s not even that hard to do, to get pregnant. I know it can be tiring, but so is working overtime in office, or doing any other job.

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