Burns Supper (No Kids Please)

As a piper and a huge fan of Burns Suppers (I went to my first one less than a year after I joined my old pipe band and I’ve been a fan ever since) and Robert Burns poetry I decided I would try to organize a Burns’ Supper here. I didn’t know what kind of support I would get and this is the first one we’ve done here, but surprisingly the support has been there. The local pipe band (yes, we have one here as surprising at that might seem) seemed very open to the idea and from there we formed a board of directors consisting of the band officers and myself and have gone from there.

Anyway, for my UK readers and maybe some of my other readers, you know what a Burns Supper is like. Lots and lots of drinking, loud music, you name it. Put it plainly, definitely not kid-friendly! Talk about a great venue for childfree people who are looking for something fun to do. Well, maybe.

One thing we had discussed in our board meetings was an age limitation. Historically, every Burns Supper I’ve gone to has not had an age limitation specified, but people have had the common sense not to bring young children to them. I don’t recall seeing anyone under the age of about 14 at any Burns Supper I’ve ever been part of, but you never know. We ultimately decided to pass on putting an official age restriction thinking there’d be no risk in doing so, now I’m kinda wishing we hadn’t have and I’m hoping that it doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass.

I just hope that the people who attend will have enough common sense to leave their kids at home and realize this is not a kid-friendly event. Today’s parents seem to think that there’s no such thing as an “adult only” venue and don’t hesitate to take their kids into bars, R-rated movies, among other places children have no business being. See, back in the day parents actually had standards about this kind of thing. Nowadays they don’t.

I don’t know, I really think we should have said something like “12 and up only” or something on the tickets, but we didn’t and I think we were stupid to do so because now we can’t necessarily object to parents bringing little kids as we didn’t specify. We did NOT say kids get in free or that kids get in for a reduced price, so even if they do come they’ll have to pay full price for a kid. I’m hoping this should be enough to turn parents away from bringing little kids, because you know how they all think that kids should get in free or for a reduced fare (which both you and I know is a load of crap because it means we have to make up the slack by having the price jacked up on us).

Eh, whatever. Hopefully this goes off well. I’ve been stressed about this enough without having other crap to worry about. Meh.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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