Who Inherits Your Stuff?

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a blogging dry spell as of recently. Things haven’t exactly been going all that well in my neck of the woods and I’ve been dealing with the loss of my youngest sister (please don’t bombard the comments section with condolences, I’ve had plenty of that from my close friends!), so I hope you please excuse my lack of recent blogging.
Anyway, thinking of loss and death and whatever due to recent events, the topic of will and inheritance comes up. As it is, I don’t have any immediate family or anybody who I deem worthy of inhering my assets upon my death, so what am I to do? You’d think it’d be asinine for me to actually write a will, but I have in fact done just that. I’ve willed that upon my passing, whatever assets I have I want to go to my the care and well being of any animals I might be in ownership of upon my death.

Me dying doesn’t mitigate or cancel their need to be taken care of, and caring for animals requires some expense, so whoever takes ownership of my animals after I pass will be given a monetary equivalent of my assets to put toward their care and for no other reason. They won’t be allowed to just spend whatever they get on themselves. It will be closely monitored and controlled so that the money doesn’t get abused.

So that’s what I’ve willed. How about my fellow CFers? Do you have a will? If so, who inherits?


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  1. Be very careful about how laws about that work. My grandfather made a will, but my parents never put it through probate. They claimed it would cost too much money. So, by default my mother (as his next of kin) got everything, no strings attached.

  2. My husband & I just did our wills as well. After each other in the case of one of us dying, we went with a split between my older sister & my husband’s parents. Should they all have passed then to the dog’s trust – a great organization we support now in the UK. They are a shelter & organize adoptions but never put a dog down. They even have an old dogs home where the dogs live in houses with comfy couches until they pass! Interesting for all the selfish accusations that get thrown at the childfree we’ve both chosen to support animals. I will certainly be adding any future fur babies to our will!

  3. Assuming my partner is still alive, I’d will my stuff to him. If he dies first, then my first priority also would be our animals. If we didn’t have any at that time, or if I had sufficient assets on top of those set down for animal care, I’d have (that part of) my estate divided equally between mental health and animal charities.

  4. I have neices/nephews….5 of which will not need any money…but I will donate all moneys to animal funds, maybe my colleges, and a trust fund for my animals as well.

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