Some Antinatalistic Thoughts on Birthdays

Well, today I add another year to my age. I’ve been on this planet for 26 years as of 9:52 CST this morning. You’d think I’d be partying or doing something to celebrate, right? Heh, not in your wildest dreams.

I don’t know if many antinatalists have thought about this, but I’ve been pondering on this for the past week leading up to my birthday. Why do we even celebrate birthdays? What’s so great about them? If one is an antinatalist, there’s absolutely nothing great about them for your birthday is the very day you were cursed with this awful thing known as an earthly existence!

Since it’s better never to have been, that means one’s birthday is a reason to mourn, not to celebrate! For had you never had a birthday you’d have never been brought into existence! My logic might be cold, but admit it, it is completely undeniable. We really should be sending each other sympathy cards for our birthdays, not happy cards!!!

Well, it’s Monday night which is one of my two bowling nights, so I’m going to be bowling anyway. I luckily my teammates have no earthly clue it’s my birthday. I wouldn’t want them to surprise me with a cake or something, that would suck.

I will say though, I said something similar to this on another blog and someone actually DID send me a sympathy e-card this morning. I got a pretty good laugh out of that. If anything, having a birthday was worth it just to be amused by that.


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  1. I dunno, it also marks one year closer to death. :p But yeah, I don’t really understand why people make such a big deal out of birthdays, anyway, regardless of whether or not they’re an antinatalist. I’ve always felt like it was just another day, and having people jump me in hallways or in the store or something to wish me happy birthday and ask how it feels to be another year older or some other weird questions (or even an entire conversation about it) is invasive and rude. <<; I don't feel bad about my birthday, but then again I don't really think of it. If I didn't have people or social media to remind me when it is, I'd probably forget about it until it was over just by genuine indifference to the fact that another year has gone by to the day since I was born.

  2. Anne Stenkjær

    I am turning 29 years at May, and I have turned the whole present thing around. Instead of just recieving presents (I can’t convince my mom to stop!) I give my parents a “Thank you for raising me and take care of me”-present, usually it is followed by a letter that is full of amesement for the fact that they haven’t killed me during my child years;-)
    As a female in the rotten state of Denmark, I’ve recieved a lot of puzzeling questions about my unusual lifestyle, but I’ve been lucky to have a set of parents that wanted me to be happy and actually helped me to get my sterilisation last year!
    I had a horrible time convincing my doctor to get me one eventhuogh the law states that any member of the danish society can get it for free when they’ve turned 25 years.
    My mom suggested that I ratted my doctor out to another doctor higher up in the system, and it worked and my parents toke care of me before, under and after the surgery.

    So I celebrate my parents on my birthday:-)

    Anne Stenkjær

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