Destined For Failure

There are some people in this life who are absolutely destined for failure from the time they are born. One would be hard-pressed to argue against this absolute fact. There are people born with disabilities too great to overcome (deaf/blind, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, among other things). Some people with no disabilities at all will, through circumstance and no fault of their own, never be given the tools to be successful in life. These people are absolutely destined through failure through no fault of their own.

In that light, the question arises: why take the risk? Why take the risk of bringing a child into this world who is destined for failure? There is a much greater chance that your child will be destined for failure than your child being destined for greatness. By “greatness” I mean how people love to think their kid is going to cure cancer, be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, among other things. I don’t mean “successful” as in run-of-the-mill successful, although being “run-of-the-mill” successful still probably isn’t that satisfying of a life.

But let’s even take “run-of-the-mill” successful which most people still aren’t. Maybe that’s the “norm” in the first world (which I doubt due to the media masking the misfortunes of most of the population even in first world countries), but not in most places. The reality is the vast majority of people live in third-world nations. These people are absolutely destined for failure and it would be almost impossible to argue otherwise.

Is it really worth that big of a gamble? Each time one brings a child into this world, it is a gamble and a big one at that. Though it isn’t one’s own money or one’s own life he/she is gambling with. It is another’s life. The parents aren’t the ones directly affected by the risk. It is the child who is directly affected, and that’s what makes it even more seemingly unethical to have children. Once again we see that parents don’t have children for their children’s sake, but purely for their own.

Once again, antinatalism reigns supreme and this is yet another absolute and incontestable refutation of pronatalism.


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  1. People don’t have kids because they think they’re going to be the next Einstein or otherwise be successful, or even run-of-the-mill successful. They might have that in their minds at some point, that such-and-such is what they want FOR their kid. But, the real reason people have kids is usually one of two reasons. They either want a mini-them/doll to play with, or they got pregnant by accident and have been convinced that abortion is bad.

  2. I guess no matter how unsuccessful we consider other aspects of our lives at times(careers, relationships, etc.), we know we succeeded in staying CF. I’m proud of seeing through the social norm on that one.

  3. Could not have said better. It is a huge gamble and I still can’t digest how smart people I know lose all their logic / reality-check and fall for pronatalism.

  4. I recently found out about Nicolas Coke, a baby boy born without a brain. His family love him and do everything with him but he’ll never make progress to become his own person and the family is left to wonder when his body will suddenly expire. That’s no life for a child and I don’t understand why the family didn’t give the child some dignity by euthanizing him.
    A video about Nicholas:

  5. The problem is also that even if the kid becomes a CEO or gains any other “achievement”, what’s the accomplishment in that? He would continue perpetuating this nightmare of the socio-economic system and continue operating and shuffling matter around this small, insignificant piece of rock and then disappear to the depths of oblivion, just like everyone else and the whole sentience in general. Life is a need that never had to exist and people continue perpetuating it for NO REASON. Its all futile and asinine and no such thing as “achievement” even exists to begin with. Its ALL wasteful and futile.

    By the way, I added your blog to my blogroll on and I also have a forum at along with facebook groups too if you’re interested in joining.

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