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Are Kids REALLY This Bad Now?

About a week ago one of my readers emailed me a link to a story that was just too juicy not to share. It’s about a high school girls’ basketball team who decided they’d be all cool and pull a prank on their opponents. Well, pranks can seem harmless enough, except for this one was a total health hazard! These girls poured HUMAN PEE into the water cooler of the opposing team! (Read more here).

You know, something like this is something I’d expect little kids to do (and be justly punished for, I should add). Teenagers should be old enough to know that this is a total health hazard and could have made someone very sick indeed! Of course, with today’s lazy, shit parents I’m not surprised something like this happened. Where were the parents in all of this? Do they just not care? I swear to fucking god if my kids did this (regardless of age!) they wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month!

I think the most disturbing thing about this is the seeming indifference from the opposing school’s administrator. From the article: “‘We all need to remember that people make mistakes whether we’re adults or 14- to 18-year-old kids,’ said Hanson. ‘We need to sit back, no matter how upset, appalled or angry we are. I’m asking for our students, coaches and community to take the high road on this and show we are the classy people we are.'” Sorry dude, but your indifference is part of the reason these kids think they can get away with crap like this! You should be filing charges, not letting stuff like this go! What a joke.

Unfortunately, toilet pranks aren’t limited to just this. One of my very good friends told me of two similar incidents in her own high school. In one incident there was a lunch box left in a classroom for most of the year, so one day this kid decides to take a shit in it and leave it in someone’s locker. Um, hello? That’s a health hazard in the highest degree! I don’t know if he ever was brought to justice, however. In another incident she mentioned, a teacher asked a student to go refill her water bottle. The student filled her water bottle with toilet water, got the teacher sick. In this case, justice was served because she got expelled for her dastardly act. Maybe sometimes justice is served, but not often enough it seems like.

Anyway, I don’t know why kids are as bad as they are these days, but it just reinforces why I’m childfree and antinatalist both: my kids would be well-behaved and I would make sure of that (if I had them, that is), and as a result they’d be teased and bullied more than likely, and that’s not fair to them to subject them to it.


Childfree in Virginia? Like Sushi? Here You Go!

I just read about a sushi restaurant opening up in Del Ray, Virginia that is going full-on adults only. Only 18+ admitted, no exceptions, ever.

I love sushi and I love childfree establishments, so if I’m ever in Del Ray, you can better believe I’ll be dropping in for a bite!

Read more here.

I WILL Stare At You and Your Kid (And BTW: I’m ChildFREE, not ChildLESS)

OK you worthless stupid fucking breeder mommy bitch, let’s get something straight: if your kid is throwing a temper tantrum in a public place of business, I WILL stare at you and your whiny, crying, snotty-nosed crotch dropping until you either shut him/her up or remove him/her from the premises, and quite frankly I’m not the only one who is irritated as fuck by your stupid fucking kid.

Quite frankly your kid is not the center of the fucking universe. Your kid is not the future doctor who will cure cancer or the next astronaut or whatever you want to think. Your kid is nothing but a fucking nuissance and a menace to the general public. That’s not to say you have to leave him/her alone at home or you can’t take him/her anywhere you go, but know your fucking limits and if something goes wrong, REMOVE YOUR DAMN KID. I don’t understand why the fuck your parents understood that but you can’t seem to.

Don’t you think I’ll stop there, though. I’ll take it a step further even. If mine and everyone else’s stares aren’t enough to embarrass you enough to remove your kid, I will TELL you to myself. I don’t care if you think I’m a dick for doing so, I WILL tell you to. I have no problem embarrassing you or pissing you off to the point where you’re all but forced to leave. It needs to happen sometimes.

You fucking breeder bitches really need to be put in your fucking places. First of all, having children is morally reprehensible to begin with. Subjecting another life to the pain of an earthly existence puts you in the morally bankrupt category (not to mention incredibly fucking selfish category), but you already demonstrate that by the way you think we should just bend over and accommodate your little sprogs. Sorry, but if I acted like your kid is in public I’d either be asked to leave or I’d be arrested. You need to hold your kid to the same fucking standards for maintaining order of the peace. And people wonder why I’m in full support of businesses outright banning kids (and also why the businesses who institute “brat bans” have seen business actually INCREASE after doing so!).

One last thing, bitch. Don’t you EVER refer to me or any of the rest of us as “childless.” We are CHILDFREE, not childless. We aren’t “less” or “lacking” anything by not having children. If anything, we have more free time, more money, and more fun. I’m so sorry you miss your former life without children because now all of a sudden you’re handcuffed and can’t do the things you love to, but don’t take it out on us.

End rant.

(Attempted) Refutations of Antinatalism

Many people on this site and my main blog have made miserably failed attempts at refuting antinatalism. I say miserably failed because not one of them is a logical refutation. Here’s is a summary of some of the attempts to refute antinatalism I’ve gotten, and every last one of them falls into one of two categories:

“I’m happy to be alive.” Sorry, but that’s not logical. That’s emotional. When it comes to constructing a logical argument, personal emotion is, shall we say, irrelevant. There are times I’m kind of glad to be alive too, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still believe it would have been better never to have been born.

“God said ‘be fruitful and multiply.'” Well, two problems with that: 1) you haven’t proven beyond a shadow of a doubt your god/gods of choice even exist, and 2) that’s still not a logical refutation, but a religious one. Of course, we know with religion logic goes out the window, but that’s beside the point.

Either one of these arguments fails to construct a logical refutation, and it’s easy to see why. It fails to state any sort of necessary premises and draw a natural conclusion from these premises. It matters not if you’re happy to be alive. Had you never been born you wouldn’t have known what happiness was (which is neither here nor there), but most importantly you’d have been spared suffering of any kind. It doesn’t matter if life is 99.9% pleasure and 0.1% pain, it’s still better never to have been brought into existence because of that 0.1% pain. The 99.9% pleasure is completely irrelevant and has no value in determining the value of existence vs. non-existence. Only pain and suffering have any weight. This asymmetry between pleasure and pain provides the logical framework for antinatalism and makes it easy to see why antinatalism is the only logically consistent conclusion.