Are Kids REALLY This Bad Now?

About a week ago one of my readers emailed me a link to a story that was just too juicy not to share. It’s about a high school girls’ basketball team who decided they’d be all cool and pull a prank on their opponents. Well, pranks can seem harmless enough, except for this one was a total health hazard! These girls poured HUMAN PEE into the water cooler of the opposing team! (Read more here).

You know, something like this is something I’d expect little kids to do (and be justly punished for, I should add). Teenagers should be old enough to know that this is a total health hazard and could have made someone very sick indeed! Of course, with today’s lazy, shit parents I’m not surprised something like this happened. Where were the parents in all of this? Do they just not care? I swear to fucking god if my kids did this (regardless of age!) they wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month!

I think the most disturbing thing about this is the seeming indifference from the opposing school’s administrator. From the article: “‘We all need to remember that people make mistakes whether we’re adults or 14- to 18-year-old kids,’ said Hanson. ‘We need to sit back, no matter how upset, appalled or angry we are. I’m asking for our students, coaches and community to take the high road on this and show we are the classy people we are.'” Sorry dude, but your indifference is part of the reason these kids think they can get away with crap like this! You should be filing charges, not letting stuff like this go! What a joke.

Unfortunately, toilet pranks aren’t limited to just this. One of my very good friends told me of two similar incidents in her own high school. In one incident there was a lunch box left in a classroom for most of the year, so one day this kid decides to take a shit in it and leave it in someone’s locker. Um, hello? That’s a health hazard in the highest degree! I don’t know if he ever was brought to justice, however. In another incident she mentioned, a teacher asked a student to go refill her water bottle. The student filled her water bottle with toilet water, got the teacher sick. In this case, justice was served because she got expelled for her dastardly act. Maybe sometimes justice is served, but not often enough it seems like.

Anyway, I don’t know why kids are as bad as they are these days, but it just reinforces why I’m childfree and antinatalist both: my kids would be well-behaved and I would make sure of that (if I had them, that is), and as a result they’d be teased and bullied more than likely, and that’s not fair to them to subject them to it.


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  1. That’s terrible. Our society had degenerated to a point that psychopathy is the norm. I hope something really bad happens to those bitches.

  2. I’d make them clean their school’s bathrooms for a year, which they would remember for many, many years.

  3. The reason why today’s kids are such hellspawn is because their handlers forgot that the word ‘parent’ is also a verb. Shitting in a lunch box? Is the little bastard looking to give someone hepatitis, sepsis, or any other disease spread by fecal matter? It’s stories like these that make me forever grateful I’ve had a TL done.

  4. It kinda shows how the public schools have gone down in the shitter as well. If you have kids and TRULY loved them. you wouldn’t send them off to such an incompetent institution of government-based “learning” where the best thing you could ever hope for is that some nutcase doesn’t happen to walk into THAT school and open fire on it, or that another teacher who never had a background check done on them by the school district to be hired, doesn’t decide to have sex with your kid. Kids today represent our public school systems. Perhaps they’re linked to one and the same: The “I-don’t-care-anymore” attitude.

  5. “my kids would be well-behaved and I would make sure of that”….I think most people think that, but I’m not sure it’s possible 100% of the time. People, especially kids, can just be plain weird. A 14 year old can be an honor student, quiet most of the time, and an overall good kid, but kids around that age will try to impress their friends, or make them laugh, or just have a moment that’s out of character. Immaturity, raging hormones, and youth can be a bad mix.

  6. Well said, Cool Childfree Guy! And the excuse kids will be kids? Total bs. Regardless of age, if they do something wrong, punish them immediately! These kids should be suspended and then forced to clean the bathrooms for a year. If permanent records really exist, they should get a black mark for this behavior. And the administrator should be ousted for incompetence for not doing a damn thing about this behavior.

  7. I went to a private Christian(Lutheran) school and the discipline was just as lacking as public school since kicking a kid out means kicking $$$ out too. We had an incident in which a kid urinated in another kid’s locker. The kid who got his locker uringated in transferred out shortly after.

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