You know, I absolutely LOVE it when breeder trolls come along and leave barely-veiled insults in the comments sections of my entries. What’s funny is often times what they consider an insult, I absolutely agree with and take it to another level!

That happened twice today. Some person who refused to prove any name left a couple of comments he/she thought would totally insult me. Instead, I turned the tables and joke was totally on this person.

First up is seemingly an insult on my intelligence and/or character. This is one I’ve heard numerous times in one way or another:

“It’s unfortunate that your mother brought you into this world.”

Well, here was my response that no doubt probably left this person’s head spinning:

“I absolutely agree. It IS unfortunate that my mother brought me into this world, just like it’s unfortunate that your mother brought you into this world and that all of our mothers brought all of us into this world.

‘Each one of us was harmed by being brought into existence. That harm is not negligible, because the quality of even the best lives is very bad-and considerably worse than most people recognize it to be. Although it is obviously too late to prevent our own existence, it is not too late to prevent the existence of future possible people.’ – David Benatar from his book Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.”

OK then, so apparently I got under this person’s skin a bit, so he/she made this pathetic little retort:

“You’re a really sad person :(

Aside from the obvious lack of punctuation, that was a pretty pathetic retort, to which I replied with:

“I prefer ‘realistic’ to ‘sad,’ though I learned long ago that reality isn’t all roses, and as sad as reality might be, to paraphrase the late, great Carl Sagan it’s better to live in reality than persist in delusion no matter how blissful it might be to live in delusion.”

Well, once again, as I’ve warned trolls before, don’t come here and troll me, lest ye have a public spectacle made out of yourself. I reserve the right to metaphorically bend you over my knee and bust your ass with a switch, chew you up, and spit you out like the little vermin you are. Tread with caution if you ever decide to troll me. You might not like the public humiliation that befalls you if you continue.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. “That harm is not negligible, because the quality of even the best lives is very bad-and considerably worse than most people recognize it to be.” – Wait – are you saying I’m having a bad life without my knowledge?

    – Sylvia, childfree, but not at all life-hating

    • More or less. You probably don’t even think about the little bits of suffering you experience day in and day out because you’re so accustomed to them you don’t give them any thought. Any little bit of negative experience is suffering. Things so simple as hunger or thirst even are examples of this kind of suffering. Never mind the annoyances you have at work, with finances, quarrels with others, a little scrape, cut, or bruise, among the whole bunch of other unpleasantness one experiences on a day-to-day basis.

      You just don’t realize it’s so much of your everyday life you don’t give it hardly any thought at all, but it remains that it is in fact suffering nonetheless, and that all of our lives, no matter how blessed they may seem, are all more negative than positive. Whereas the little bits of positive make our lives go better than they otherwise would, it doesn’t carry any weight in determining whether it’s better to exist or not exist because had you never existed you’d be unaware of them and thus not deprived by missing out (i.e. missing out on positives is not bad). Conversely, missing out on negatives would be good, and negatives are bad. this asymmetry demonstrates why antinatalism is true. The only way existence would be better than non-existence is if life was 100% pleasure 0% pain. Even if life was 99.9% pleasure and 0.1% pain, it would be preferable to not exist.

  2. So, you’re a “better never to have loved at all” kinda guy.

  3. Totally agree. Now that I’m here, I try to make the best of it. But I wish I had never been born especially into this particular body. I fight depression constantly. I have social anxiety. I’m bipolar. I have mental illness in my family (Huntington’s, schizophrenia). And my mother knew these things and yet she still decided to have me and my brother. Life sucks and I’ll be damned if another person suffers because I forced them into being. That’s why I’m childfree and antinatalist. But parents will rationalize their selfishness by saying they gave their children life, and everyone has a right to life. BS. Life is a privilege, not a right, and I wonder if it ever occurred to them that maybe their kids didn’t want to be born but were forced to anyway. Sorry about the long rant. Had to get that off my chest.

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