Selfish Moos Who Think They Deserve Something For Mothers’ Day

I was reading a couple of entries recently over on Breederoo (or, to be more politically correct I suppose, Momaroo [a Xanga sister site] which I refer to as Breederoo because every one of the bitches that posts there has a total breeder mentality) talking about Mothers’ Day gifts and I’m over here just rolling my eyes the entire time. It’s like they were saying they actually deserve something for Mothers’ Day other than a swift kick in the rear end for bringing their poor children into existence (which, as I’ve established many times on this site, is a great harm and it would have been better never to exist).

Well, let’s get something straight, bitches. Your kids don’t owe you jack shit for Mothers’ Day or any other day, just like they aren’t obligated to care for you in your own age or anything else you think your damn kids owe you. “What I Want for Mothers’ Day?” “Ten Things I DON’T Want For Mothers’ Day?” Yeah, FUCK YOU, STUPID MOO!!! You better just be damn grateful your kids got you anything at all. They don’t owe you a damn thing, I don’t care if it is Mothers’ Day. Just be fucking glad they aren’t cursing your name for bringing you into this world. Get your fucking heads out of your asses and realize you don’t deserve some special gift for DOING YOUR FUCKING JOB AS A PARENT!!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!

Though, sadly, selfish narcissistic parents are the norm today. They think they’ve done the world’s greatest thing by bringing children into existence (when the opposite is true, they committed the world’s greatest atrocity by doing so), and that the whole world revolves around their damn kids and that we should bend over backwards to accommodate them, coo over them, awe over them, WHATEVER!!!!! I’m tired of this kid/parent-friendly world worshipping breeders and their spawn at their fucking feet!

Fuck Mothers’ Day.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. You’re a really sad person 😦

    • I prefer “realistic” to “sad,” though I learned long ago that reality isn’t all roses, and as sad as reality might be, to paraphrase the late, great Carl Sagan it’s better to live in reality than persist in delusion no matter how blissful it might be to live in delusion.

  2. Border Collie Mix

    Sad? Why? For not obeying society’s child worshiping directives? How does having the guts to speak one’s mind equal “sad”? I guess anyone who does not do exactly as society dictates is supposed to be sad instead of daring and gutsy.

  3. darksilvertree

    My mom doesn’t even ask for gifts, which is nice. But she refuses to acknowledge me when I say I don’t want kids. She continues to say ‘when you have a kid’ and talks over me if I try to correct her. If I ever get her a mother’s day gift it’ll be a fucking muzzle lol

  4. You know Carl Sagan did, to an extent, live in delusion. Right? I’m just assuming this isn’t news to you, since you’re so awesomely realistic. So realistic you generalize EVERY user on a website because you read a couple of articles you don’t like. And you use offensive terms for people who gods forbid should choose to be mothers. From reading your post, I can think of at least one mother who shouldn’t have bred.

    Seriously, you can rewrite this post for anything. You don’t deserve a gift for being born, or for finding a (hopefully) chocolate egg next to some dogshit in the backyard, or living on the same planet Jesus was born on. Your problem shouldn’t be that people enjoy these holidays, or even that they have wishes on what gifts they’d like to receive. It should be that we managed to create a world almost completely run by advertising in the first place.

    But I don’t really see this as an argument you would make, given how you start the whole thing off. Parents are simply doing their jobs if they raise you and don’t just toss you into a Dumpster or, possibly worse, a foster system. But you don’t owe them anything in return in their old age, even when they have plenty of years left in them and simply aren’t getting around as well. It doesn’t matter they did something so minor as kept you alive, because that was a gift so you don’t owe one in return. But yeah…I can see where they would be the selfish ones in that circumstance.

    • Of course my mother shouldn’t have bred. None of our mothers should have bred. As David Benatar irrefutably proved in his excellent book Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence we’d have all been better off never being brought into existence. I in fact do resent my mother for bringing me into existence and regard bringing me and my younger sister into this world as the single biggest mistake(s) she made.

      I hate commercial holidays as much as the next person. You won’t get an argument from me on that one. I’m just calling out mothers who think they deserve something for pushing their little crotch droppings out of their twats. Uh, no. Birth is not miraculous. It’s a natural biological function. Nothing more.

      Of course we don’t owe our parents anything in return. That much I agree with. If anything we owe them nothing but our eternal curse for subjecting us to this awful thing known as “life.” And yes, life is awful, even for those who have by all earthly standards “good” lives. Even the people who live the most blessed of lives were negatively impacted by being brought into existence and would have been better off never being born.

    • I don’t know what world you live in, but in the real world, life is an imposition not a gift.

  5. Agree wholeheartedly, Cool Childfree Guy! I’m an antinatalist that didn’t want to be here. My mom had me and my brother. On some level, I resent her for that because, in my mind, any pain I’ve been through is directly her fault. If I had never been born, well you get the gist. But my mother never asks for anything on Mother’s Day. She and I both agree it’s a commercialized holiday that has deviated from its original purpose. She also knows that motherhood is the most mundane, banal act in existence. But I have seen some terrible commercials about Mother’s Day that paint every mother as a Madonna and deserving of accolades and gifts just because she excreted a loaf and many, if not the majority, don’t deserve a damn thing.

  6. I agree 100%! Breeders are extremely selfish and can care less about anybody else or the planet!

  7. Let’s be pro #respectthechoice and not ignorant in this social cause

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