The Difference Between Antinatalists and Pronatalists

I have consistently noticed one thing about the flaming pronatalists who make their way over here to attack me that differentiates them against antinatalists and effectively reduces their case to nothing. Here is the key difference I’ve noticed:

Antinatalists: Use evidence-based arguments for their position.

Pronatalists: Use emotionally-based arguments for their position.

I’m dead serious, read any work by an antinatalist philosopher. They all observe the cardinal rule of academic writing perfectly, namely to not interject one’s self into the work. I don’t know a damn thing about what kind of a life David Benatar lives. All I know about him I know from his books (namely that he’s an antinatalist and that he’s an advocate for the men’s rights movement). I don’t know what kind of life he lives outside of this. For all I know he might have a really exciting life and going out there living life to the absolute fullest. He could be one of the happiest people on earth. That wouldn’t be a contradiction to being an antinatalist, for one’s own emotional attachment to life is irrelevant in determining whether it’s better to be born or not to be born.

On the contrary, I’ve never seen an evidence-based refutation of antinatalism from any pronatalist authors. They all invariably interject their own emotions and talk about how great their life is witout an ounce of logic or cold, hard evidence for their view. We all know what kind of lives all of the pronatalist authors live, which is a direct violation of the cardinal rule of academic writing. Does that mean, however, that all pronatalists are happy in life? The answer is absolutely not. Most of those that fall into that category also use religious arguments for their position, which again have no merit. Emotional and religious arguments have no place in the world of academia.

And that is the difference between antinatalist arguments and pronatalist arguments and why the pronatalist position is reduced to all but nothing. There is no hardcore evidence in favor of pronatalism but an abundance of it in opposition of pronatalism and in favor of antinatalism, thus antinatalism wins.

Quod erat demonstrandum.


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  1. You’re wrong! I’m happy and I have 3 kids and they’re all happy and you’re a sad loser! QED.


  2. Doktor McNasty

    Actually even on the emotional front the pro-natalists have no legs to stand on.

    Question: What’s the most sure-fire way to condemn a completely innocent stranger (a baby, no less) to death?

    Answer: Nothing works like conception.

  3. Objective value of life=0. Therefor the value of birth=0 and the value of non-birth=0.
    So the negative value of birth is not an objective but a subjective value and it is the product of a bias on suffering. Others have a bias on ‘living’ and give birth a positive value.
    In the end, we are all baloon chasers. Some chase pink baloons, some chase black baloons.

  4. “a bias on suffering”??? I guess most people have this bias, as almost nobody likes to suffer.

  5. I just discovered you and love you already! I cant believe there is a group of people out there who feel about children they way I do. I always thought I was an oddity. Well, actually, my whole family seems to feel this way – my father had 8 siblings, it was the way back in the early 1900’s that a large family meant survival. He had 6 kids but told us that he DID NOT want to be a grandpa. So out of us 6, only 3 of us had children (not me) Older sister had one in her teens and one in her 20s. Younger sister had one in her 40s and older brother just had one in his 60s. Many of my cousins dont have children either – I think my family was way a head of the curve on this idea. Now if I can find a great guy who doesnt have or want kids and will sleep in bed with my dogs – I will be set!

  6. I think that we need to break down the barrier between antinatalists and pronatalists and just #respectthechoice of others. Everyone has the right to choose what they do in regards to their life and reproduction.

    • People have the legal right to procreate. That doesn’t mean it’s the moral or ethical thing to do. You’re forcing life on someone who did not consent to being brought into this world, and what a terrible, miserable world this place is.

  7. You posted quite a few nice points there. I did a search on the subject and discovered most people will have the same opinion with your blog.

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