Poor Kid

So a guy I used to play in a pipe band with just had a kid. Posted it all over his Facebook and whatever, baby pictures, whatever. Here we go with the annoyance of the baby pictures every five minutes and whatever, but as my understanding of this world has evolved, my irritation with it has gone a different direction.

I don’t feel sorry for him or the mother. I’m not happy for them obviously, in fact I can’t help but kind of feel some resentment toward them. Whenever I hear of an old friend or family member having a baby, my initial reaction is always one of sympathy for the baby.

Every time a child is born it’s a tragedy. Being stripped of the blissfully ignorant state of non-existence and being forced into existence by one’s parents is nothing short of a moral travesty. This is why I can’t help but get angry and couples who consciously try to conceive, when they could just as easily adopt a kid that’s already been brought into existence and not force another individual into existence.

Surely I can’t be the only one who feels this way whenever I hear a baby announcement. Who knows? Maybe I am. I highly doubt it though. If one is antinatalist to the core like me I can’t think of any other way the could feel. This world is a sad, scary place, life fucking sucks, and to subject another being to it is just the ultimate act of cruelty and selfishness.

Fellow childfree/antinatalists: do you feel the same way?


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. Pretty much, the average life used to consist of finding a full-time job after high school/college, which would allow you to put food on the table, take summer vacations, even raise a family if you wanted. Now it seems those days are gone and not returning. In other words, the quality of life even in 1st world countries seems to be depreciating, so I am happy w/ my CF decision.

  2. trying to figure out this wordpress thing. and what the hell is a gravatar?

    • “Gravatar” is sort of an acronym for “globally recognized avatar.” It was kind of started up by wordpress for use on that, but your gravatar can be recognized by any blog site or website that supports them, so you can leave comments on blogs, news articles, etc. with the same avatar you use here.

  3. Blightagainsthevoid

    It is the worst thing you can do, my siblings expect a “congratulations!” from me but i say nothing just silence. IF i opened my mouth it would just strain the relationship and who needs the drama. I’ll be honest, as an antinatalist i despise the births but all those lives serve a greater purpose : they speed up the inevitable end of mankind. “Breeders” are necessary, if controlled” “antinatalism(not the philosophical one, hell they will never agree to it) succeeded mankind would flourish for aeons

    Humans are like the scourge that pick the earth clean, the more of em the faster we all die out.

  4. a colleague announced yesterday that her friend was pregnant, i let out an “OH NO!” without thinking. got some disapproving looks while everyone else was getting way too excited.

    i honestly think that most people are just sheep who exist, live how they think they are ‘supposed to’ then die.

    an utterly pointless activity that is ruining the earth

  5. Having to work around pregnant women all the time, it does annoy me. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time in this stupid town? Probably not…
    Procreation is wrong, period! Life is an imposition! We need to get this into popular culture, if we are to stand a chance.

  6. Well said. Life is an imposition and suffering mired in futility. Time to end it all.

  7. You’re not alone, man. It’s just these feelings tend not to get voiced in polite company. I think there are actually a lot of us out there.

    • I hope you’re right, Anonymous. I never meet anyone who shares these opinions, except online. Thank goodness for you and the others on sites like this, or else I might think I’m utterly crazy, or at least missing something that everyone else sees.

  8. darkerthanblack

    I must say, I always felt sorry for the babies too. Sorry for them being born without being asked to be brought into existence beforehand. I felt like this since I was kid, maybe also because I feel that being alive was also forced on me.

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