Why have children when life is so hard?

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Criss asked:

Why do people keep bearing children when life is so hard, ugly, and unfair?

Why to bring into existence a new life, when life is so much pain? why when anyway, most times, children bring more worries than happiness? why do parents look through ‘pink glasses’ while deciding to have children, hoping for a beautiful life for their children (and for themselves), and they don’t learn from the experience of their parents?

Why, when no-one thinks anyway that living his/ her life again (exactly the way it already was) does worth it?

I see children everywhere, new poor lives, it seems like their parents think that life is worth living. when they’re not happy anyway, why do they bring into existence a new life, that will suffer the same as they do?

It might sound depressive, but really, I rarely see people that enjoy their life and are…

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  1. It is good that at least one AN argument was put forward. Natalist arguments are well-known, but AN arguments are not, so every time we get “equal time,” we win.

  2. One of my sister’s friends is 21-years-old and four months pregnant. A few days ago, my sister told me and my mom the friend is listing a lot of stuff she wants to buy for herself and my sister pointed out to her “You’re four months along and you need to focus on buying for the baby soon!”

    • Sounds like a stellar way to spend the next twenty years of one’s life. To live a half-life.

      • When I think of the girl watching her life go by while doing humdrum parenting, I think of the fun things I could cram into the two decades she spends taking care of her kid.

    • Also the friend’s boyfriend walked out on her shortly after she found out she was pregnant so she’ll be a single mom. She was looking forward to raising the kid together with him.

  3. Because our governement pays for them to have babies. The more kids you have, the more you recieve in govt assistant programs. I dont make enough to get health insurance on my own so I have applied for state help and have been declined because I do not have dependants (aka children).

  4. Sadly a lot of kids happen *by accident* and /or because one parent wanted more and tricked the other one into having more knowing they *couldn’t say no * (because of religious views or whatever) …but, karma turned out to bite them in the butt as they turned out not to be able to deal with said child.
    I am actually a little concerned for myself at the moment but I tell myself it’s the menopause (I did take precautions). However in the case that I was pregnant it would be impossible for me to keep a child. I always thought I was infertile LOL and celebrated the fact as one thing I have always known is that I never wanted to be a mother. If you like endless clearing up after people, be a mother. If you think it’s just a case of having the baby and it stops there, don’t be a mother. Much less if you think *it’s expected of you*.

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