Link: Arguments In Favor Of The Pro-Abortion Position

Being pro-abortion (as opposed to pro-choice) myself, a commenter linked me to an excellent defense of the pro-abortion/pro-death position. A very engaging and convincing read, and well worth your time so I’m reblogging it here.

Go here and you will find a whole host of entries making very strong arguments in favor of the pro-abortion position and trashing both the anti-abortion view and the so-called “pro-choice” view. To me, it’s cut and dry: if one is an antinatalist, the logical equivalent must be that one is pro-abortion. To quote the original poster: “Life is an imposition, not a gift.”

Enjoy these excellent posts.


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  1. Thanks! The series didn’t get a lot of attention when I wrote it, but I know there’s some demand out there for an alternative. People are starting to wake up…

  2. Hey I have been writing about antinatalism on my blog too!

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