It’s Been A LONG Time

Yes, I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here. I went out, had my fun, even tried my hand at a romantic relationship and a new career.

Case in point, my life hasn’t gotten a itty bit better.

With that in mind, I’ve requested Dignitas in Switzerland to assist me in committing suicide. I see no reason to continue with life at this point. As euthanasia is legal in Switzerland, even for people who aren’t Swiss citizens, I feel a 100% guaranteed effective mode of suicide is the best possible solution to my seemingly insoluble problems.

With that, this will be my final post to this blog. I’d like to thank all of you for reading these past two years. I won’t be deleting this blog as it’s provided entertainment for a number of people who have even stumbled across it in my absence. I intend to leave it here so it can continue to be enjoyed long after my death. Even if for entertainment purposes, if I can make others’ lives a little less miserable it’s worth it.

Again, thank you; and if there is an afterlife I look forward to meeting many of you there. 🙂

EDIT: Here’s a documentary I found interesting. It’s like an inside look at Dignitas. They actually show an assisted suicide toward the end in real-time. Very interesting. To think that will be me in several months is, well, slightly unnerving but a huge relief nonetheless. I know for a fact I will feel a deep sense of relief after I drink the cocktail.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. Best of luck mate! 🙂 Life is futile shit and I envy your guts in being able to end it all!

    • I agree, life is indeed “futile shit.” I didn’t arrive at this decision lightly, and I exhausted what were, in my mind, all other possible options before arriving at this one. I just can’t rationalize continuing to live anymore.

      Thanks for the well-wishes!

  2. Good luck, and may you find peace 🙂

  3. Miss you Lynn. If you get a chance, please friend me on facebook @ FacetiousEloquence. I’ve been looking for you forever. Glad things have not been too bad lately.

    • I found you but you don’t seem to accept f-reqs. I sent you a message there and haven’t gotten a reply.

      • That’s weird, because I know I’ve accepted other friend requests. Perhaps I didn’t recognize you? Would you be willing to let me know your screen name on here? If not you can e-mail it to me! (pretty sure this site gives you my e-mail)

  4. Crud. I think there’s something in my eye. Best wishes in your endeavor.

  5. One day I shall throw off the chains and shackles of sentience as well. Thank you for writing this wonderful blog, and I wish you the best of luck for an easy and painless end.

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