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Pregnant Sibling Rant

So I come back here to vent some frustrations even though I said I wouldn’t be posting here anymore. As it is, Dignitas outright denied me (fuck those sorry bureaucratic pieces of shit) so I guess I might have a few more posts left in me, though I’m not entirely sure this one won’t push me over the edge to try to find some pretty sure-fire ways to take matters into my own hands so to speak. 

I had a feeling this day would come eventually, but it’s finally come and it is UGLY. Here’s a re-broadcast of a little post I just posted to the best Facebook group in the history of Facebook groups:

Oh god. Here we go.

I just found out my chain-smoking (both pot and cigs), binge drinking and highly pro-life Pollyanna pronatalist baby rabid younger sister is fucking pregnant. She and her thug boyfriend are due next winter/spring and they insist on keeping it. It’s bad enough they’re bringing a new individual into existence but worse that she foesnt have the willpower to lay off her substances for even a day. Case in point that is going to be one fucked up kid and I’m supposed to be supportive and civil about it?

Oh the agony…

Seriously. My sister is about the most fucking irresponsible person I know. She abuses substances; her stupid, abusive, black thug boyfriend fucking sucks and she’s too blind to see it all while being a delusional Pollyanna life-affirming idiot. 

I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. I’m so horrified that she not only insists on committing the supreme act of evil (procreation) but also insists on drinking and smoking cigarettes and pot while pregnant because lord knows she isn’t mentally strong enough to lay off of it for even a day. 

I am beyond angry right now. The only solace I take is that I won’t be imposing the unfortunate state of existence on anyone myself. I’m angry and I feel so sorry for the individual who is not only going to be brought into existence against its will, but in all likelihood who is going to be completely fucked up mentally and physically because of her substance abuse problem. 

Fuck her and her sorry piece of shit boyfriend…