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Fucking Disgusting Kmart/Joe Boxer Ad

Yeah, I’m still alive unfortunately. Hopefully not too much longer.

Alas, I just had to do a blog about this fucking disgusting ad by Kmart/Joe Boxer. It features five late-stage pregnant women dancing to the song “Santa Baby.” If you haven’t seen it, here you go. Prepare to gouge your eyes out.

Nothing makes me madder than the media glorifying the act of forcing new,¬† non-consenting individuals to the unfortunate state of existence. It’s fucking morally repulsive. That’s five new people who will be forced into existence against their wills to experience all the horror, pain, suffering, and all that other bullshit that¬† make existence so bad.

Pregnancy should not be glamorized. It should be shunned, and the men who get these women pregnant should fucking have their testicles cut off without anesthesia. They’re just as guilty as the women who carry and give birth to these new individuals.

Now, publicly airing abortions on live TV, and/or showing women who were glad they had abortions (I know several myself)? That would be something I could get behind. Abortion is a moral and just choice, especially when compared to bringing a new individual into existence.

Anyway, I digress. Shame on Kmart and Joe Boxer for this disgusting commercial. Nothing like feeding and glorifying breeder culture.