Three Months Left…

…before one of the worst events of my life is going to take place.

My sister is now starting her third trimester of pregnancy. Barring the fact that subjecting new, non-consenting individuals to the horrible thing that is an earthly existence can only be described as the supreme act of evil,  she’s way too young and immature for a child. She’s probably the most irresponsible person I know. Further, she can’t afford a damn kid and is instead going to be a government mooch when the child is born. Typical entitled liberal welfare mongers, that all she and her fiancé are, and they don’t really care to better themselves (both are college dropouts with no ambitions of any sort of decent career).

Anyway, if she knew what was good for her she would have terminated the pregnancy and if she just insists on having a kid later training for a decent paying career. Alas, she let her delusional Pollyanna emotions get the better of her and she has absolutely no idea what she’s getting herself into.

Alas, I’ve already established strict boundaries. I will not in any way help her care for her kid. I will not go over to her place when the kid isn’t in school or daycare, ever. Her kid is not allowed in my house, ever. I don’t mind dogsitting for her, but babysitting is out of the question. I will not be present at the baby shower (not that men ever go to those things), I will not get her any sort of a gift, nor will I visit her in the hospital after giving birth.

Perhaps this will cause her to completely write me out of her life. That’s perfectly OK with me. The past few months have been difficult on our relationship anyway (after I suggested she have an abortion and suggested she read Benatar, neither of which she gave any thought and told me I needed psychiatric help).

People say depression is an illness. I disagree. Depression is a sign of a highly-developed and rational mind which sees the world for what it really is: a horrible place full of conflict, war, disease and famine. If anything should be classified as a mental illness, it’s optimism. Optimism is irrational. Optimism is delusion. Pessimism is realism.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. Kudos for your brutal honesty!

  2. While I mostly agree with your point of view, I rather consider depression is an intermediate stage of mental developement, not a final one. You can terminate connection with your sister emotionlessly, so anger wouldn’t cost you energy.

    I’ve read Benatar, however I don’t see how it would help to bring more satisfaction in my life, which is a major property for me to optimize. I see your case in a kind of a buddhist attitude, where non-existence is the desired target, but with significant amount of sadness. The latter one is not needed in my oppinion.

    As for a final thought, who cares if it is a delusion or not, isn’t joy/peace/bliss is the most convenient thing to obtain?

  3. How old is your sis?

    I hate how people always say “I want a baby” and never “I want to have the responsibility of brining a human life in the world and doing my best to raise them right and protect them from harm (which isnt even possible). A human that will only be a baby for a short period of time, a horribly selfish and messy child for a long time, a hateful teenager for a long time, and possibly needy for the rest of their life.”

  4. It ceases to amaze me that the most unfit people would choose to bring another being into the world when they can’t even take care of themselves. They just think that the govt. and everyone else wil take care of it for them i.e. pay for it, look after it. From what you have described, your sister and her fiance sound a lot like my parents. However, my parents were even dumber and had me when they wrre teenagers. I always and still resent my own parents for taking upon themselves to keep me because all they did was dump me on someone else and subjected me to a life of borderline poverty. But these types don’t think of that. All they want is the illusion without dealing with the real truth of what parenthood really is. It also pisses me off that those that are in no position to have a kid don’t consider the kind of life their kid will be subjected to. Your sister will be in for a rude awakening if she thinks it’s all going to be fairies and pixie dust.
    Oh and I don’t blame you for not wanting to be part of something you believe is wrong.

  5. I also refuse to take part in baby showers.

    Just the other day, my boyfriend’s mother – a super breeder-brain – joyously informed me of the new pregnancy of one of her family members. In response, I mumbled “oh dear”. This digs my grave even further in her eyes, but I don’t give a damn. I’m not in this life to impress anybody, and certainly not the likes of people like her. We all have freedom to say what we want, don’t we? Use it to your advantage. If they don’t like it, too bad for them. They never took the time to understand your views (“You need to see a psychiatrist”). You don’t owe anyone respect just because their your family. In this case, your sister. Peter Bodnar who wrote one of the above posts, is correct “You can terminate connection to your sister emotionlessly”. I would. And it would be so easy. If I can’t respect someone because of their choices, then why would I want to associate with them?

    Good for you for being courageous and standing your ground and telling them what you’re not willing to do (creating boundaries). As a piece of advice, I’ve recently learnt assertive behaviour techniques. These must be practiced and used in everyday interactions in order to be engrained into your brain in order to succeed in being heard and understood. Very useful for people with ideas which are generally not accepted by society.


    • As I experienced, tolerant people can also be found on the other side, however they are far fewer. I had a conversation with an old friend about half a year ago. We haven’t talked much lately, and he informed me about his wife who is pregnant. I jokingly told him “Well, I better not give you that book I’ve read about not to force children into existence”. We mutually accepted each others oppinion with tolerance, it was pleasing despite the difference in oppinions.

      Not all people are tolerant. Through the eyes of the child-free, family might have no more importance than friendship. And sometimes, friends split. In most cases, separation of people who are unwilling to understand each other is optimal. I would teach my children for this deep life lesson…if I wanted any.

  6. I read the book you referred me too and it absolutely affirmed what I have always believed in and then some! Now if only I can find a doctor to tie my tubes!

  7. You’re both idiots. Her for being a breeder, and you for thinking that telling a breeder to get an abortion was an acceptable thing to do.

    But her cruel, reckless actions creates harm for another human being, while yours does not. So you’re not responsible for anything bad. Being an antinatalist means you never make such costly “mistakes.” We can at least prevent ourselves from doing harm as much as possible.

    • “and you for thinking that telling a breeder to get an abortion was an acceptable thing to do. ”

      Is that so Mr. Pro-abortion? Quite frankly I don’t give a fuck what you or anyone else deems “acceptable,” I will say what needs to be said and I don’t give a rat’s ass what is deemed “acceptable.” I have no problem offending people or pissing them off if it needs to happen, and in this case it needed to happen.

      • Okay then. I take it that you must live on the streets then, after alienating every single human being around you, Mr. Offensive?

      • I’m self-employed so it doesn’t really matter. The only person I have to answer to is me.

      • You have no customers? Do you also grow your own food and build your own office furniture? And have no friends, family or loved ones?

        You are a shining glorious island in a sea of mediocrity? Well la-dee-fricking-dah. All of us here in the REAL FUCKING WORLD have to deal with people. And we can’t be afford to be as flippant about it as you are, Mr. Personality.

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