Atheist Breeders are the Worst Kind of Breeders

When it comes to breeders, I somewhat understand why so many religious folk hold the defective defense that it’s morally acceptable: their vile, despicable gods command them to do it. When it comes to atheists, however, they have no sort of adequate defense whatsoever.

I still just really don’t understand how atheists (and that includes atheistic religions such as Buddhism) can justify reproduction. I’ve heard a number of defenses for it, all of which I find defective. Here are some common ones and my responses to them:

“It’s a natural desire.”
Response: So if I have a natural desire to kill people that makes it acceptable?

“With religious families having so many kids, somebody’s got to have atheist kids.”
Response: That’s rather narcissistic.

“With so many stupid people having kids, somebody’s got to have smart kids.”
Response: Sorry, but just because you’re smarter than average doesn’t mean your kid will be. Also, see above.

“Even atheists have to experience the love of a child.”
Response: So that’s a justification for imposing existence and the harms thereof on an individual who did not give his or her consent to being brought into the world? Just goes to show that having children is at least as, and probably a far more selfish choice than choosing not to have them.

“We’ll go extinct if someone doesn’t have children.”
Response: You can’t give any sort of justification for why that is an inherently bad thing. I know it might be an uncomfortable thought to you Pollyanna types, but we will go extinct one of these days, and long before the world as we know it comes to an end.

There are some others, but that’s the most common of the ones I hear. Concerning Buddhism and similar religions who believe in the ridiculous notion of reincarnation, I would argue that the only way to break the cycle (which is the end goal of Buddhism) is to stop having children and making souls be reborn. If we do that, such would effectively end the cycle of Samsara (rebirth) and force the final and end-goal state of Moksha (escape from Samsara).


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  1. If people want children so much (and I suspect that a lot of people don’t want them as much as they think they do, going by how most people mistreat their children) THEN FUCKING ADOPT, or better yet, become a foster parent first! There are SO MANY children in the foster system who are stuck with money grubbers who couldn’t care less about them. Extinction- even if it were a valid concern- is nowhere near a present danger, particularly not until the latter is no longer a societal problem.

  2. I always thought it was “strange” when I heard one of the popular atheists out there was a parent too. It seems like they would know better.

  3. I think the conditions of entering nirvana are not automatically fulfilled when humans go extinct, since no souls would be able to be born and complete its karma. If escaping samsara is easy like that, you could just commit suicide in every incarnation as soon as you realize that, thus minimizing the suffering of your life. I don’t know official buddhist oppinion on this, but using the principle of reincarnation, I think if humans go extinct, souls would be born as animals which evolve into humanoids again, to be able to achieve supreme understanding. As I understand buddhism, being born is a chance to improve, even if it can be a life-long suffering, but it gives a chance to be more conscious, transcendent. If you start boiling an egg, you can’t stop it halfway and declare that it is done. Furthermore, many buddhist say that life is only a dream, a false reality, or even suffering, but contrary to this pessimistic statement, I barely see a sad buddhist. Concluding this, reproduction is more like an option for the buddhist than a sin. And why would atheists care whether or not it is a sin to reproduce? They are atheists, not vegans of reproduction.

    Population will regulate itself eventually, by war or by law (see China). If I ever wanted children (which I don’t, I even had vasectomy), I’d make one, and would not care a bit if it is philosophically negative. I would also not cause overpopulation until I have less than three children. Civilised countries are not the cause of overpopulation.

    Benatar also states that even if forcing of life into existence is not desired, life that already began represents value and should not be terminated forcefully. I share this oppinion and consider my life good enough for not to commit suicide. If I had a child and he was so sad about his life, I’d let him commit suicide. Benatar’s book, while it might be able to accurately conclude the negative value of existence, is only acceptable to people who are not satisfied with their existence. You are clearly not satisfied. I am. Even if it’s a false happiness, why should I care? It’s happiness, which is already better than non-existence. Many lives are full of suffering though, maybe they would be better off dead, since being unborn is not an option, but this fact is clearly not enough to convince me not to have children. I also eat meat. Poor pigs. Poor chicken. Poor children. Selfish me.

  4. I have always read that the smartest people elect to not have kids

  5. Actually, I disagree: I think atheist breeders, as stupid as they are, are probably less to blame than Christian breeders. Atheists, after all, don’t believe in Hell.

  6. Atheists are the vilest of all the various types of breeders, as they are the only group with no logically consistent justification for it.

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