Stupid Baby Names

It’s bad enough to have children. I’ve discussed that at length here so I won’t go any further into that. What’s even worse is having children and giving them the most stupid fucking names ever.

In this example I’m using my stupid kid sister. Her fiance is black (which is bad enough – I openly admit I’m 100% opposed to interracial relationships/marriages, though I don’t think it should be against the law) and they decided they wanted a black name for their kid. I don’t know what it is about black people but they’re always coming up with the craziest fucking names. What’s wrong with normal names, again?

Anyway, they eventually settled on a Latin name that’s apparently been bastardized by the black community to an incorrect pronunciation. They’ve chosen the name “Kyrie” which, with a little knowledge of Latin (which I have quite a bit having done college choir and such back in the day), will tell you the proper pronunciation is “kih-ree-ay” (and if you don’t believe me, look up the song Kyrie by Mr. Mister). Naturally this is a feminine sounding name and would be perfectly fitting for a female. But oh no, they just had to bastardize it and change it to a male name with a totally wrong pronunciation – “kie-ree.” Apparently there’s a pro basketball player with the same spelling and pronunciation even though it’s totally wrong.

After having proved my point my sister was pissed off but hey, that’s how it goes. Which brings me to my point: why use ridiculous names when they will only cause grief later on? People will no doubt constantly mispronounce their names leading to an immense amount of frustration. Stick to names everyone knows and save them a lot of grief later.

Well, whatever. Rant over.


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  1. Special name for a special kid? Some people like weird names, unique names. My sister is one of those people. Her husband is the opposite. I have a unique name, and I like it, despite having to repeat it a few times to people. Everybody knew who I was in college, because, whereas my friends had multiples of themselves (the Katies and the Rachels, etc), I was the ONLY Mercy I had ever met. That’s kind of fun. I like it. It shows that my parents took thought and makes me a little more unique. There’s a story behind my name.
    Out of curiosity, why are you opposed to interracial relationships/marriages?

    • Mainly the cultural differences between races. In my view it causes the same issues that interfaith couples face, and as such it would be best to keep within the confines of one’s own race (religion, whatever).

      • Interesting. That makes sense. However, in that sense, you would be against cross-cultural marriages, not necessarily cross-racial. Because I know people from different races who were raised the same way, and people of the same race who are completely different. Having been an American myself, for example, I married a Russian. Not sure if that counts. He was raised in an orphanage, actually, and I was raised on a farm. But people who are different can come together and be really good. They just have to know what to expect and know each other well enough to know their differences. That’s just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Yes, Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavs. He’s goodgoodgood.

  3. yassieNo one 123

    The Philosophers you Mention may be excellent, but you seem to have difficulties. This Post reminds me of old women who are bored and talking to themselves all the time, nothing but stupid and nonsense. And of course, all except themselves are wrong.

    I am an Antinatalist also, in Fact, I think no life at all is the best.

    But your Position sounds like that of a depressive guy who is not able to accept the circumstances, like many People who want to die because they cannot bear their life.

    Oh, and to Abortion: I tam Anti-Choice, because Prochoice is just continuing Evolution with human ressources. This is expressed by selecting People

    • Trust me, dying is the thing I’d love to do the most. If there was a 100% guaranteed effective method of suicide other than medically assisted suicide I’d have committed suicide years ago. Alas, not even the most seemingly foolproof methods of suicide are 100% effective. Even firearms have as high as a 15% failure rate.

      Concerning abortion, my official stance is pro-death. It is easy to see why it is wrong to NOT abort pregnancies. This is, of course, consistent with antinatalism. That said, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce such a policy so it wouldn’t be feasible.

  4. yassieNo one 123

    I hope, my Point of view was expressed clearly. Abortion is for Pronatalists, who just want to Chose their Child. And it is pro life, not pro death.
    For an Antinatalist, there are Methods to prevent Breeding. Abortion is not amongst them.

    I read that you were in Switzerland and got denied. They are very hard. I was also there. No sccuess, total blindness was not enough.

  5. yassieNo one 123

    And yeah. Suicide is easy. Really. Also painless. CO-Poisoning or Argonium Inhalation is painless.
    I am sure you know that already. I’d be glad to have a Chat with you.

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