Procreation can only be described as the supreme act of evil. Bringing so much as one new sentient being into existence is an action exponentially more evil than the actions of all the serial killers, mass murderers, serial rapists, etc. combined, and that’s if you bring a healthy individual without any genetic or congenital health defects into the world.

However, when you bring a new individual into the world who you KNOW will be permanently disfigured, that takes that evil to a whole new level. Case in point this worthless fuck who forced existence upon a new individual with the EXACT SAME facial deformity as him into the world to have to endure probably worse suffering than him (because females take more offense to those kinds of things than males). Read more about this sick fucker here.

What’s even WORSE is most people are praising his decision. Like WTF? People are so fucking delusional it makes me fucking sick to my stomach. NO, this was NOT a good thing and she will NOT have a (comparatively) good life.

Quit justifying the unjustifiable. This person’s actions were downright evil at BEST. No rational person could ever excuse such a thing, and if you excuse such things you are part of the fucking problem yourself.


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  1. From the article: “‘Even though I grew up with all the problems and complications it really didn’t bother me either way whether she had it or not,’ he says.” That sounds positively psychopathic to me. Well I’m sure HER life will be much better because YOU don’t care. And you’re right, it’s that much worse being a female born with a very ugly genetic defect. Hell, even my jewish nose in many ways made my teenage years a living nightmare before I finally had it altered to normal proportions.

    I would hope that someone like this man (does he have breathing problems? He sounds like he’s breathing out of a tube) would have even more compassion for children in the foster/permanency system and choose to ADOPT a disabled child instead of CREATING a disabled child. I have a similar opinion of people who knowingly reproduce children with down syndrome, etc. It’s just plain cruel.

  2. Apparently he was born with no common sense and a big dose of selfishness. What is even more appalling is they conceived the baby IVF. So not only are they passing on horrible genes but they didn’t accept their natural infertility as a sign that it isn’t meant to be.

  3. Oh and about females having it harder than males when it comes to physical appearance, it is true girls are judged more harshly. The baby from the article is already getting a dose of that and she isn’t even in school yet! Growing up I was awkward looking, not deformed but odd. Well after many makeovers, people treated me better (shallow but true). Unfortunately with this girl it’s going to take many painful costly surgeries just to “improve” She will either live a full life of ridicule & suffering or kill herself thanks to the selfish acts of her parents. I agree with facetiouseloquence with the adoption comment. If they had the money for IVF the money would have been better spent giving a home to someone already here, especially a fellow disfigured/disabled child.

  4. I read the article, then the comments, then had to leave. I was so appalled by the selfishness of the father and the idiots in the comment section that I almost threw up. Who needs the movie “Idiocracy” when we have people in real life that make everyone in that movie look like Albert Einstein?

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