Powerful Antinatalist Blog Entry

I stumbled across this today. I feel like this guy could have taken the words right out of my mouth: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Wish-I-Was-Never-Born/393907.

This is the kind of thing I wish people would take into account before engaging in the act of reproduction. Of course, selfish ass breeders don’t give a shit.

Procreation is the supreme act of evil.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. I actually despise my parents for bringing me into this world. I am sick of living , but like the poster in that link said, there’s always a chance a suicide attempt will backfire and leave u in a worse state than before. It’s really pretty messed up when u think about it. We’re brought into existence without our permission, and if we decide we hate life and want out, it’s extremely difficult to do so. Either you take the risk with suicide, or start abusing drugs in the hopes that you’ll die early, or you just suffer until old age gets you in the very end. Fuck this world. Why should we have to suffer needlessly? I just want out damnit. It’s like a bad dream that never ends.

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