Monthly Archives: October 2015

Thanks, All

I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers for your support and non-judgment of my decision to forgo treatment and just let nature take its course. I’m sure you all understand totally where I’m coming from and why I made the decision I did.

As far as how I’m spending my last couple of years? Well, I just got back from a huge bell ringing event. Admittedly I haven’t been able to ring as much as I otherwise would have and I’m sure not able to do it for as long anymore before I get fatigued, but I plan to ring as much as I can and as my strength will allow. My loss of strength is very noticeable, but I’m still totally independent. When I can no longer be, that will be my time.

I doubt I’ll be writing much here. I have no need to. I’ve said all that needs to be said and need to focusĀ on the things that bring me pleasure as much as possible. Again, I know the pain will come eventually. I still don’t have any real pain to speak of, but do notice that I get winded a lot quicker.

Again, rest assured I am totally at peace. Please don’t be sad for me. I’m not.