More Family Drama

“Welcome to your life, there’s no turning back.” – Tears for Fears; Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Well, not often do I introduce a blog post with a song lyric, but this one is particularly fitting and true; once we exist there’s no turning back.

Which is kind of the point of this blog post: Mother’s Day. My issue this year is not with my mother. My mother has come to an understanding of my position of life and procreation and respects me enough to not expect me to honor her. No harm, no foul there.

Where the bullshit is is somehow she expects me to honor my sister who is a (relatively) new mother. Well, for one my sister is not my mother. I have nothing to do with this. Two, my sister is Casey Anthony all over again. She couldn’t give a shit about her kid. She’s always out partying and shit and not giving a fuck about her spawn. Talk about a real winner. Number three, I feel it is wrong of her to expect me to celebrate a choice that goes against my personal moral convictions (sort of for the same reason I feel it is wrong to expect Christians to participate in gay marriages, whether it be the ceremony itself or providing goods or services for that ceremony).

Whatever the case, I will not be celebrating my sister’s choice. That’s all there is to it. I don’t celebrate anyone’s choice to procreate, because procreation is the supreme act of evil in my view.

Fuck you, mom(s). I resent your sorry asses for cursing new, non-consenting individuals with the unfortunate state of existence.



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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. Don’t forget to hate the dads too. Not only did they not do shit, but they get half the credit for not doing shit.

  2. do you still write on wordpress ?

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