Giant Meteor 2016!!!!!

Yeah, in all seriousness though, the 2016 US presidential election is a prime example of the badness of existence and why it would have been better for all of us (human and non-human) to have never existed at all. Two god-awful candidates who will make the already terrible existences of the American people even more terrible. Of course, you do have the minor parties but they won’t do a goddamn thing.

Now, in all REAL seriousness, there is only one clear choice for antinatalists in America, namely the candidate who supports late-term abortion (which is still preferable to live birth), gay marriage (which is procreation proof) and physician-assisted suicide (which should be legal across the board for whatever reason including simply “my life sucks and I want to die”). That candidate is Hillary Clinton, which is why she officially gets my endorsement.


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Childfree guy living in Mexico City. Professional pilot by day, all-around fun guy by night.

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  1. You mean all these months you weren’t dead & could’ve been posting? At least you’re sort of back even though it was to write about a Clinton.

    • Well I’ve just not had anything to say. That’s all.

      Oh well, now that Colorado has legalized assisted suicide and I’m nearing the 6 months to live window I now have a state close by I can go to and I’m getting ready to relocate to CO to take advantage of that (depending on when it goes into effect; otherwise I’ll have to go all the way up to Oregon or Washington).

      That said, I’m sickened that pro-life Donald Trump got elected. Say hello to a shit ton more pain and suffering as more new, non-consenting individuals will now be forced into the unfortunate state of existence.

  2. I would write in Jill Stein or Rod Silva but I don’t believe in voting. ____ to see that you’re still kicking, or at least someone with access to this blog and writing style.

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